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Terra Crash: Projects Heading To Polygon

After Terra blockchain system collapse majority of the projects are leaving the network for Polygon.
Terra Crash Projects Heading To Polygon, exit sign as featured image

NFTs Prefer Polygon after Terra Crash

Till press time 48 projects have migrated to the Ethereum Layer 2 protocol, Polygon, since the collapse of the Terra network. As confirmed by CEO Ryan Wyatt, the Polygon team is working on ensuring seamless migrations by providing all necessary support for the transition.


Wyatt also mentoned they are more than welcomed all projects onto his network. He has stated,


“We’re opening our arms to all who want to come over. A lesson learned in the Terra collapse is that it is very wise to be on an EVM-compatible chain so that you don’t have to rebuild, so I just hope that wherever developers go, they go with EVM in mind for longevity.” 


Furthermore, Wyatt has also shared that even more Terra projects will be jump to Polygon network soon. The Terra LUNA breakdown brought crypto winter to the whole market – all started with the algorithmic stablecoin TerraUSD (UST) falling below its $1 peg back in this May.

OnePlanet And Ark*One Mission

Some of the projects moved successfully and are now live on the Polygon network include the famous NFT marketplace OnePlanet and metaverse game Derby Stars.

Following the Terra crash, the OnePlanet team had decided on an initiative to rescue the most number of NFT projects from the Terra blockchain. This project, inspired by Noah’s Ark and named the Ark*One initiative – it attracted a total of 48 NFT projects that included 90 NFT collections. As a result, the OnePlanet was able to partner with Polygon to become dedicated marketplace for all these migrating NFT projects. Some of these projects include the play-to-earn metaverse game Lunaverse, the AI-generated NFT project DystopAI, and PFP collections Hellcats and Babybulls.


The OnePlanet team explained their reasoning for choosing Polygon,


“​​Taking into consideration the key factors such as mass adoption, market opportunities, stability and foundation-level support, we found that Polygon is currently the most prominent chain with so many big projects and entities onboarding. Polygon is home to some of the world’s leading brands in web2 and web3. Moreover, Polygon has the low gas fee of $0.0025 on average and high throughput of being able to process up to 7,000 transactions per second, which shows huge potentiality to bring a larger audience to the chain.”


Image by Edward Lich from Pixabay

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