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Will Twitter Accept DOGE Payments? Dogecoin in Top Ten After Elon Musk – Twitter Business

After a few challenging weeks the Elon Musk - Twitter deal is official!
Will Twitter Accept DOGE Payments? Dogecoin in Top Ten After Elon Musk - Twitter Business, DogeCoin as featured image

The world’s richest man Elon Musk have finally purchased Twitter for a $44 billion busineess. What’s next? The crypto community excited whether Elon Musk will accept Dogecoin payments to Twitter anytime soon.


Elon, the tech billionaire has been a leader fan of the Shiba Inu memecoin, Dogecoin. Recently, Musk also proposed having Dogecoin payments, to the Twitter Blue  services. Now that he owns the entire company – but will Elon really brings this change?


Well, the DOGE price has rocketedby 20% in the last hald fay as Dogecoin makes its way into the top ten crypto-list once again. The DOGE price surged as high as $0.17  as the memcoin manages to jump four ranks in a single day toppling the likes of Avalanche (AVAX),and Polkadot (DOT). On-chain data provider Santiment notes:

With the recent move, it seems that DOGE is covering up majorly on its losses in 2022. Sharing with Bloomberg, Teong Hng, chief executive of crypto investment firm Satori Research said:


“Elon has openly supported Dogecoin and previously talked favorably of this token. The “market is anticipating that he may incorporate Dogecoin as a payment system, hence this rally.”

Twitter & Elon Musk & Dogecoin

The news of Musk possibly acquiring Twitter has forced DOGE fans getting excited. Earlier in January, Musk allowed DOGE payments to buy new Tesla merchandise, and the tech billionaire also believes that Dogecoin is better placed than BTC for micro payments and transactions.


Now it’s too early to claim that Elon Musk would introduce DOGE payments to his new acquisition, the Twitter. The first goal with Twitter is to promote free speech while limiting the spread of false information and building trust among users. Upon his Twitter acquisition, Elon Musk said:

Edward Nored

Edward Nored

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