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McDonald’s Crypto Tweet Jokes on Crypto Twitter – But Who Laughs At The End?

Major fast food joint McDonald's has taken to Twitter to inquire about crypto influencers working through the microblogging platform.

The move comes after Bitcoin and the rest of the coin market suffered a massive recent price drop that resulted in around $400 billion wiped off from the market in value.

McDonald’s Tweets about Crypto Twitter

McDonald’s Crypto Tweet asked about:


This might be an attempt to feign sympathy to the crypto community in order to troll them later on. But, this could also be a genuine concern from the premier fast food company. It is because many of the crypto influencers on Twitter also operate their YouTube channels.


Some of their accounts were hacked recently and were involved in scams as well. So, combined with the overall crypto bear market conditions, things are not going as many of them might have planned for the start of 2022. 

How did the Crypto Twitter Respond for McDonald’s Crypto Tweet?

However, many of these big influencers are veterans of the crypto sector and have lived through tough times. They include big crypto exchange hacks, price tanks and a concerted plan by mainstream media to discredit the entire sector. Many of them responded and tweeted back that they were doing great and looking forward to the future. 


The thread itself drew a lot of attention from Twitterati including regular users, some of whom unfortunately suffered some losses as well. They are also active within it and are disgruntled about crypto in general. But, many others are posting memes and trying to steal the thread’s thunder as well. 


Tyler Winklevoss, big Bitcoin investor and HODLing proponent had a cheeky reply



Cameron Winklevoss, his twin brother was less upbeat on McDonald’s crypto tweet and replied:



Best memes from the thread include:



Overall, the tweet whether in jest or seriousness proved to be a great source of Twitter banter. The crypto market is indeed going through a rough patch, but, it is nothing compared to the previous challenges it has had to face over the years. The McDonald’s crypto tweet started a good Twitter end that made being involved in crypto fun again.

Update 1:

We found an (obviously) fake one from McDonalds, but this one made us laugh so hard that we even added to the article update 🙂

Image by grafikacesky from Pixabay

Talha Dar

Talha Dar

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