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P2E Metaverse Game Rich City Launches Fully Functioning Demo

Play-to-earn metaverse games are becoming increasingly popular as the metaverse itself has grown in popularity. More projects are coming out with their own versions and while some have shown a lot of promise, a lot of P2E metaverse games have been nothing short of overblown promises of games that never get developed.


One of the few metaverse game projects that are actually delivering on the promises is Rich City. This metaverse game has proven itself to be a project to be reckoned with as it released a fully functioning demo of its game.


Users of Rich City are able to collect rare NFT items, which they can display in their real estate purchased within the game, in addition to being able to communicate with other players. Collected NFTs can be sold and traded to make real money inside the game as well.

Why Rich City Is So Promising

In a sea of P2E metaverse projects claiming to be developing features that are never seen, it is important to single out the projects that are actually putting in the work. Rich City currently has a fully functional demo where users are able to connect their Metamask wallet and invest in the game. It is a glimpse of what is to come and evidence that the project is committed to building out its ecosystem.


The market cap of the Rich City token, $RICH, is still very low, making it a buying opportunity. The token has a fully diluted market cap of $3.2 million although the Digital asset continues to trade in the green. It is one of the projects that shows the markings of a potential 10x and even higher given its trajectory.


Additionally, the Rich City team is working hard on their project. It does not just focus on the growth of the token alone but puts out a product that users are able to interact with. With Rich City, users have the opportunity to get rich by playing the game and participating in the metaverse.

$RICH Tokenomics

The $RICH token is the official utility token of the Rich City ecosystem. Users are able to buy and sell the tokens on decentralized exchanges like PancakeSwap, as well as being able to earn them from playing the game and selling their NFT collections.


Players are also able to purchase NFT packs which contain 3 common NFT items and a rare one. The rarer the NFT, the more valuable it is within and outside of the Rich City ecosystem.

To learn more about Rich City, visit its website at


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