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Adidas is the latest to join the NFT band.

The iconic sportswear brand Adidas Originals plans to launch an NFT collection. This will be possible through a partnership with major NFT players such as Bored Ape Yacht Club, GMoney and Punks comics. Through the partnership, Adidas will enter into the metaverse world.


The NFT collection will be titled “Into the metaverse”. Adidas plans to use the digital asset as an access token helping its holders to gain exclusive access to any future merchandise, physical and digital products and services. Through the NFT, holders will earn rewards through the attained land plot in the sandbox and so much more. 

The official sale of the collection will take place through the official company website on December 17, at 0.2 ETH, which is an equivalent of $810 currently. 


According to Gmoney’s interview with Cointelegraph, Adidas has been very deliberate and thoughtful in entering the metaverse space. This will be a significant milestone, which will help it advance further. Through the metaverse, users will have a space to express their original ideas and their authentic selves.


NFT and Metaverse taking over

This is not the first time Adidas is exploring the NFT world. Back in September, it bought ape #8774, which was a blue ape with a fisherman’s hat and gold hoop earring. The NFT cost 46ETH. Upon the recent announcement, the ape was displayed wearing an Adidas tracksuit with logos of the three principal partners. 

According to Gmoney, they are helping companies and corporations through strategy, feedback, and ideas to help them enter into the metaverse. As a result, it has achieved a considerable number of successes in the last few months. Many corporations, celebrities, and influences have explored the metaverse. 

Apart from Adidas, Nike also expressed their interest to join the metaverse.

Photo by Jason Blackeye on Unsplash



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