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Sandbox Co-founder is Looking to Save the Metaverse Big Tech’s Clutches

The Sandbox co-founder has hit back against big tech companies who, according to him are trying to hijack the whole Metaverse concept. In a recent interview with South China Morning Post, Sebastian Borget believes that the big tech companies will try and make the Metaverse about themselves.


What is Sandbox?

Sandbox is a metaverse project that aims to democratize the incoming sector. It started out as a mobile game back in 2012 but it has since expanded its reach to include the whole advent of the concept of Metaverse in it. It has also announced its digital reality world and its native token called SAND. Sandbox is also heavily involved in the Non Fungible Token (NFT) sector which is seen as the cornerstone of the Metaverse.

The co-founder and CEO of the Sandbox project is Sebastian Borget and according to him, the whole concept of Metaverse is under attack from big tech. He is referring to several large companies announcing their foray into the whole new digitized existence. Facebook Inc. recently reincorporated itself as Meta and has since received flak from other companies including those focused on the decentralized development of Metaverse. According to Borget, it is not about competition but the fact that the big tech are going to threaten the very decentralized nature of the Metaverse and thus ruin fairness within it.

Borget carried on and said that these big companies already have a monopoly around the web 2.0 projects including social media. Now, they are looking to pre-empt entry into the web 3.0 development. Borget said:

“We don’t think those companies can build something truly fun that’s catered to the users because they’ve been so focused on their key business model and how to satisfy shareholders rather than satisfy users who own the asset, who own the governance of their own platform.”


But What Makes Sandbox Different?

Sandbox is a hit right now. Its cryptocurrency has risen more than 100 times since its relatively small launch just a month or so ago but there is still considerable potential to move forwards. Its initial success is a game is owed due to the fact that it has become the first major metaverse project to sell virtual land on its platform. It recently made headlines with over $4.5 million in such digital virtual real estate sales.

But, the Sandbox is certainly not a beacon of decentralization as it is claiming to be. The project is still very centralized and by denouncing the big tech, who everyone hates, it is trying to gain sympathy to get some big early mover points within the Metaverse community.

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