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Jack Dorsey’s Spiral explains the Bitcoin lightning development kit

Jack Dorsey’s puppet is currently being used to explain the Lightning Network in a video that aims to promote Spiral’s LDK. To excite the Bitcoin network, Square, previously Block, has demonstrated its Lightning Development Kit, LDK, through Jack Dorsey’s puppet. The demonstration video was officially published on Tuesday, and it explains in detail the possibilities of Bitcoin lightning and the LDK. Through LDK, different developers can easily plug the applications into the network by mobile devices or point of sale terminals.


LDK Advantages

LDK brings convenience into the blockchain world as it supports different native APIs that use rust C. Swift, Java, and Kotlin coding languages. That means that developers have the freedom to customize their wallet app to the language of choice without necessarily having different wallets. According to Jack Dorsey, LDK helps any developer build a crypto wallet.

In the video, the puppet interacts with actual store clients and owners by paying for transactions using the Lightning Network. Jack Dorsey’s puppet uses the Lightning Network mobile app to pay for movie tickets and Nose piercing. At the end of the video, the spiral team talks about the advantages of Bitcoin and the Lightning Network.


Spiral goes up

Spiral has been actively developing bitcoin wallet solutions since 2019.

Apart from the LDK, Spiral is also working on a Bitcoin development kit that will enable cross-platform mobile wallet transactions. As you are probably aware, lightning is a two-layer scaling solution for Bitcoin. According to Spiral’s manager, lightning enables Bitcoin to be an actual payment system. Spiral has expectations that LDK will help to increase Bitcoin adoption and the Lightning Network. This will be made possible as LDK will help different people to store value and participate in economic activities.

The product release comes at the right time, as network nodes are at an all-time high. From Bitcoin, there are 18,905 nodes with active channels on the Lightning Network. The number of nodes has increased by 23% in the last quarter, with approximately 3600 nodes added.

The best part is the Lightning Network has a higher capacity of Bitcoin nodes.

Image by JD Lasica from Flickr.



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