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Star Trek’ creator’s signature takes an extra mile by going beyond NFT

Star Trek’s producer signature has gone beyond NFT into the DNA of code. The producer Gene Roddenberry has disrupted history with his signature.

Back on Tuesday, his signature officially became an NFT, and it does not end at that as it was integrated into the DNA code of a living bacteria cell. This is 30 years after Roddenberry’s death.

This takes science fiction to the next level as the first living eco-NFT. Since it is integrated into a living cell, the NFT piece will multiply and grow when the cell divides. As long as the bacteria is alive, the cell can replicate over a billion copies of the Eco-NFT in a flash. The NFt was successfully encoded into DNA with Dr Paul Predki. 

The NFT piece is officially framed as “El Primero”, an art piece with a Spanish name meaning first. It was exhibited in Miami during Art Basel 2021.


New age storage of Infomation

According to Agustín Fernández, CEO of Rational Vaccines, storing DNA information is an excellent way to archive information. It is a sustainable and environmentally-friendly storage path that can store large capacities in the market.

The NFT will be supported by Metaplex studios and live on the Solana blockchain. Solana is an excellent blockchain as it is cheaper, fast, and energy-efficient. 

Star Trek is not new in the field of NFTs and collectibles. Up to 125K NFT trading cards were repurchased by Star Trek fans in July 2020.

The combination of NFT and DNA makes Eco-NFT. The trend is new, and the signature has opened new possibilities for storing information. Information is power, and everyday people are looking for innovative ways of storing data. The trend is less likely to look back as it may face a lot of scrutiny from the market.

Photo by Stefan Cosma on Unsplash



Marcia is a real crypto fan, specialized in bitcoin and NFT news.


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