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Survey Shows at Least 16 Percent of all Americans have Owned Crypto

A recent survey by Pew Research Shows that at least 16 percent of Americans have owned, traded or used cryptocurrencies at one point. This is a considerable amount if you consider the fact that the total US population is around 315 million and around 258 million of whom are adults. This means that roughly 41.6 million people in the USA have have a direct experience with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies at one point which is a big deal.


Americans in Crypto

The recent survey by the much reputed Pew Research group shows that the American public is now more engaged with the crypto sector than ever. This is especially true when it comes to the younger section of the population, especially millennials and Generation X. While 16% is the overall average for the American adults, it jumps to as high as 31% for ages 18-29 and even higher 43% average for male participants of the same age group. Interestingly, poorer citizens were as likely as the more wealthy citizens to invest in the crypto sector. There was apparently no indicator that showed any income-based disparity in the data set.

According to Pew’s research analyst Adrew Perrin:

“We do see now that a large share of the American public has heard at least a little about cryptocurrencies. It was striking to see how there are demographic differences in awareness and use of cryptocurrencies.”


More than Four Fifths of Americans have Heard About Crypto

This was another question in the survey as respondents were asked whether they had heard about cryptocurrencies or not at all. Around 24% of the survey participants said that they had heard a lot about the crypto sector while around 63% said that they had heard something about the crypto sector at least. Only 13% stated that they hadn’t heard anything about it. While much of the population is still not knowledgeable about the crypto sector, there is a massive improvement from previous surveys in which a much larger figure stated that they hadn’t heard of the crypto sector. Pew’s previous survey in 2015 showed that only 1% of American adults had invested in the crypto sector back then and 48%, a minority had even heard about the crypto sector at all back then. So, six years have changed a lot in the crypto world and it is now more mainstream than ever.

The latest Pew Survey was one of its largest for the crypto sector. Around 10,371 people participated in it and the sample size was large enough and diverse enough to have a much better insight into the crypto investment scene in the country.

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