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DOGE-1 Moon Space Mission is Set for Launch in Partnership with SpaceX

A flamboyant space mission is set for launch through a partnership between two blockchain companies. The dankly named DOGE-1 is set to plant its flag on the Moon itself and Elon Musk’s SpaceX will help them achieve this dream. The whole tale started as a joke online with people on Reddit daring Elon Musk or any other crypto company to send a rocket named Doge to the literal moon itself, thus realizing the dream of rocketing Dogecoin to the moon, a reference to the meme cryptocurrency posting massive growth.


DOGE is going to the Moon

It is all set for DOGE-1 to enter space and land on the closest heavenly body to our planet, the moon. Smart exchange platform Unizen and decentralized finance startup incubator ZenX announced this move among much fanfare in the Dogecoin and crypto community. The resulting partnership between these two companies is called the Geometric Energy Corporation (GEC). DOGE-1 is a satellite weighing 40 Kilograms (88 pounds) as a part of CubeSat system. The CubeSat will likely provide the crypto sector with new use cases after a foray into space, the final frontier of mankind.

This is the first such launch that will take a satellite direct to the moon itself. SpaceX has helped with the launch of several similar satellites before, 1600 to be precise but why is this one special apart from the name itself? The answer is simple; an attempted lunar landing. The previous satellites were only limited to a low level orbit. This time, their satellite DOGE-1 is going to the moon.

According to a press release from the company:

“NASA’s CAPSTONE was set to be the first cubesat to reach the moon, but it has been delayed a number of times and has a current launch date of late March 2022…., This means that DOGE-1 could be the first cubesat in history to reach the moon, marking a significant achievement for global spaceflight.”


Elon Musk Stands True to his Bold Claim

The whole project isn’t just named DOGE-1. It is also being funded by Dogecoin cryptocurrency. Elon Musk tweeted this 6 months ago:



The Future

There are two big questions that still need to be answered and they are:

  1. Will DOGE-1 will actually reach the Moon safe and sound?
  2. Will Dogecoin will follow DOGE-1 to the moon?

Only time can tell how the DOGE saga will culminate but rest assured that a big satellite launch and attempted landing on the Moon itself is a big deal and will probably thrust Dogecoin back into the limelight. That may result in another big price rally for the meme currency.

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