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Cryptree Project Aims to Tokenize Climate Action and Achieve Net Zero Emissions

 As environmental action becomes necessary for the planet to survive in the near future, there is more and more need to achieve lower emissions and improve biodiversity around the globe. Cryptoree aims to achieve just that. 

Cryptree is a new digital currency project that aims to tokenize worldwide environmental efforts and help companies and countries around the world move towards the much-needed zero emissions goal. The main focus of Cryptree is to make these efforts easier and profitable for both the public and the private sector.

At the center piece of Cryptree is its tree plantation initiative. The company aims to release tokens that will represent tee plantation drives. Any company can buy tokens and Cryptree itself will plant trees on behalf of that company. The number of planted tree saplings will depend on the tokens purchased by the company. The tokens can then be used to get carbon emission tax cuts from the governments that are looking to achieve their net zero emissions target in the coming decades. The companies can then exchange these tokens among themselves like Carbon credits. However, new companies buying this token will have to keep it for an extendable period up to one year to avoid unnecessary dumping of the token.


The Timeline

Cryptree is targeting the 1st quarter of 2022 to land its first company and issue the first Cryptree Tokens. By the end of the year, it aims to to plant over 10 million trees and a $10 million market capitalization.















Token Distribution

Like every cryptocurrency project, Cryptree’s tokens are divided among different stakeholders. Here is the token distribution:



Cryptree is an innovative solution to start a new carbon emissions reducing mechanism and economy. As we all know, trees store a lot of carbon and thus they rid the atmosphere of these organic pollutants all the while providing useful resources and improved biodiversity. Join Cryptree’s platform now and become a part of the growing positive environmental action.

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