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Mello Casino is the Largest Gambling Platform on Binance Smart Chain

Mello Casino is a new online betting platform based on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) blockchain ecosystem. It offers a wide range of games for the visitors who can engage in transparent, fully approved activities. The platform boasts one of the best such experiences and is looking to increase its user base.


The Launch

The Mello Casino platform was launched on 8th of October i.e. last week with much fanfare and digital support. The platform aims to revolutionize the online gambling arena with the help of digital tokenization and transparency, two key features missing from the sector right now.

Developed with the partnering iGame partner Gammastack, Mello Casino is the largest gambling platform ever developed on the BSC. Binance’s blockchain technology is futuristic and currently among the most popular around the world for decentralized applications and Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs). It is also backed up by the largest cryptocurrency exchange company in the world.


Games Available

Virtual Games

There are a wide range of betting/gambling opportunities available on the platform. They include popular live games including different versions of Baccarat, Indian Teen Patti, Roulettes, Live Casino and others. Slot games include popular ones like Gates of Babylon, Wild Toro II, Spooky Circus and others.

These games are happening 24/7 and users can easily deposit money and play them.

Mello Token

Sports Betting

Another major array of betting opportunities offered in the sector is in the professional sports. All major leagues and competitions are included in the online thrilling online betting experience including Football leagues like the English Premier League, National Football League (NFL), National Hockey League (NHL), National League Baseball (NLB) and National Basketball Association (NBA).

Overall, there are over 200 different features on the expansive betting machine that is Mello Casino.


The Mello VR Experience (Under Development)

Since Virtual Reality (VR) is the future of all entertainment sectors, the Mello platform is swiftly working on a new completely VR experience of the betting platform. The end goal is to offer a plethora of frictionless VR experience under current and emerging technologies for the users. The VR platform will also be completely decentralized.



The BSC-based Mello Token is not just a regular virtual betting/gambling platform but a whole decentralized economic system on its own. This ecosystem is populated by Mello Token which is the native token of the Mello Casino. There are currently over 7500+ holders of the Mello token around the world. The total circulating supply is 394 million and the total market capitalization is 18 million right now.

To read more about the Mellonomics or the plan of action for Mello Casino, please view the complete whitepaper. `

Visit the Website and Start the immersive experience:

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