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VDollar is a Leading Cryptocurrency Contracts Exchange

VDollar is a revolutionary new platform that aims to shakes things up in the cryptocurrency sector. While working as a cryptocurrency exchange where traders can trade their favourite tokens, it introduces a new system of transaction fees in a multi-layered approach to reward users. The crypto community now has a new way to increase its passive earnings all the while trading within the space to increase their digital assets.

What is VDollar?

VDollar is a cryptocurrency exchange that doesn’t operate like the conventional trading hubs we see everywhere around. Many of these platforms report fraudulent stats and have been punished for doing so. In addition to that, their only model of success is based on fleecing traders with exorbitant transaction fees. When every trade is done on these platforms, a chunk of it is charged by these exchanges as transaction fees and they are getting more and more expensive with time. is a new concept that aims to transform the digital token trading landscape. Instead of charging high fees for transaction for the exchange to keep, VDollar intends to circumnavigate them back to the user itself. As a result, traders can now mine cryptocurrencies through trading rather than actual mining itself. With VDollar, trading is the new mining. The mined coins are given back in the form of USD Tether stablecoins.

Rather than apportioning a certain percentage of the transaction fees to the “mining pool”, all 100% of the transaction fees go to it and users benefit from them. These fees or mining rewards are open-chain based and can be tracked and verified through independent third parties or even the user himself. So, rather than spending money on expensive mining equipment and wandering around the world as a crypto miner in search for cheap electricity, VDollar and its disruptive multi-level strategy is the way forward.

The Tier System

VDollar uses a tier system to grant benefits to users. The tier system operates as follows:


With VDollar, you can trade cryptocurrencies to your heart’s desire without worrying about countless transaction fees and what not. VDollar operates a multi-level tier system to give the traders the flexibility and rewards based systems that they need.

The crypto sector is the one bandwagon to get on and get some nice profits and VDollar empowers the average user to do just that. It is a platform open for everyone to use with no geographical restrictions.

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John McEnroe

John McEnroe

“Those who believe in Bitcoin also believe in cleverness." – Arif Naseem


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“Those who believe in Bitcoin also believe in cleverness." – Arif Naseem

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