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CoinGeek Conference Woes

The much raved about CoinGeek Conference finally took place. In the panel, there were economist Nouriel Roubini and Nassim Taleb, a former risk analyst. Craig Wright was also part of the team where he talked about the positives of the Bitcoin SV blockchain and its ability to handle billions of transactions every second.

Crypto critics

Taleb is popular after his book Black Swan hit the waves, and people find him controversial to be part of the conference panel. Roubini was also least expected as part of the panel. They both criticized tokens in general. Their arguments were on the basis that there are no regulations, AML and KYC with crypto tokens. That makes it favourable for terrorists, money laundered, human traffickers and all kinds of criminals.

They also most talked about data as opposed to tokens as expected, since the conference was solely on tokens.

According to Roubini, crypto tokens such as Bitcoin SV (BSV) are not as necessary,  and thus should not be part of the decentralized data verification that is made possible by blockchain technology. In his opinion, data is the main thing that benefits from blockchain since it is very valuable. The value companies based on blockchain derive from the technology has nothing to do with cryptocurrencies. His idea is that blockchain needs reliability in data storage and not necessarily tokens to fuel it.

Taleb added on Roubini’s sentiments that data should be separated from crypto tokens, and should be understood separately. In his opinion, people do not need cryptos, apart from criminals, even though it does not work for them.

The panel host asked Taleb his opinion on whether the current BTC represents the Bitcoin whitepaper concept. Taleb confirmed that he does not agree that Bitcoin currently represents what is on white paper. Taleb thinks that the Bitcoin in the white paper may not be what we need.

BSV position

To counter his comment, Craig Wright added that BSV was not originally meant to be a currency as it is digital cash. He added that in the future we will have one trillion transactions in a flip of a second.

As expected, many Bitcoin enthusiasts were not in agreement with Wright’s comments. Many hopped in on Twitter to criticize the comments.  Ather Van Pelt, Wright’s chief critic, tuned in to shield from the stones. He also commented that they experienced low viewership numbers, citing it as a clown show.

Image by David Mark from Pixabay



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