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The future of social apps

As days go by, people are more aware of the importance of data, including the importance of their private data. Due to this reason, the demand for decentralized platforms is on the rise. There is no doubt that the future of social apps is secure, private and decentralized versions of the current ones.

The Covid era brought a wake-up call on the crypto ecosystem. People now understand it better, and the negative perceptions are going down. Initially, it was perceived as a currency for scammers that promote money laundering. Now people are embracing it as an investive and speculative option. Almost all industries are embracing blockchain for efficiency. Currently, startups are working on social applications that will meet the demands of the market. 

From the conversations in the market, there is a demand for crypto-based social platforms. People are more concerned about security and privacy more than they have before. This explains why there is so much buzz on web 3.0, as it will have an added interactive layer.

Centralized apps that have added security features such as Telegram and Discord have been well embraced despite centralization. That means that crypto-powered social applications will be the real revolution in the social scene as they will offer secure, open-source, peer-to-peer communication. 

The online trend

There is no doubt that the online trend is here to stay. There will be a lot of online connections and communities. NFTs and decentralized finance is just the start of what is anticipated in the future. Online communities based on blockchain will be much better. 

Already crypto communities are on the rise, with dominant platforms being Reddit, Twitter and Clubhouse. Discord has also been used as a community management tool for different projects. 

Not to lose their relevance, there are chances that the current social media platforms will adjust their offerings to include blockchain in their system. 

The future 

Blockchain is the future of all industries and apps. The fact that it increases transparency, removes intermediaries, and increases privacy gives it a plus. Technology is evolving, and we are all obliged to grow with it. Users are currently more aware and prefer a situation where they are in control of their data. That means that advertising industries will be at stake as advertisers may not prey on personal private information. When users control their data, it means there will be the freedom that every human craves. 

Image by Elias Ahmed from Flickr



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