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Industry leaders jump on GoodFi coalition as a strategy to raise 100M for DeFi

Twenty-two industry leaders have joined the decentralized finance coalition as a strategy to grow members to 100 million people by 2025.
GoodFi, a nonprofit decentralized finance coalition, has declared additional leaders, of which some of them are top project leaders. It created and launched a website to connect newbies to the right DeFi protocols to support the initiative. So far, there are 19 leading teams in charge of the leaders, representing most DeFi across the globe. To reduce entry barriers, the board of Advisors is expected to use diverse knowledge and experience from different sources.

The website

First-time users can get to know more about decentralized finance through a website that is rich in in-depth resources. The website will have a matchmaker feature that will offer a beginner-friendly DeFi protocol to suit different user needs. From the website, there will be real-time data for yield products on a range of platforms.
According to the head of a strategy for GoodFi, users need to gut guides at every stage to not find the onboarding process intimidating. When they have a clear  understanding, they can confidently bring assets to the ecosystem. From a Cointelegraph interview, Sydney Powell, Maple Finance CEO, clarified that they have a hand in ensuring the strategy is a success. They plan to strategically do partnerships to increase awareness of the importance of DeFi in everyday life. According to Powell, a user-friendly interface will encourage fast adoption as people will be comfortable with it.
So far, DeFi is gaining steady ground in the ecosystem as more people get acquainted with it. Many people from traditional finance steadily appreciate the technology as they seek innovation and growth.
The GoodFi alliance was launched back in February as a DeFi one layer protocol. It did it with support from Chainlink, Messari, and Aave.
There has been a growth of DeFi consortiums, the latest one being Polkadot in December. The current ones are growing like the Ren Alliance, growing by more than 50 members in April. The Open DeFi Alliance also grew and launched a decentralized autonomous organization beginning of the month.

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