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Ethereum Integrated for Amazon Web Services Users

The Ethereum network can be accessed and programmed by Amazon Web Service (AWS) users around the world. The biggest web service company in the world announced the move to integrate the blockchain network and it includes the ability to interact with the Ethereum Mainnet and other testnets running on the network.

Amazon Integrates Ethereum

Amazon announced this compatibility which can be accessed through its managed blockchain ecosystem for its AWS users. AWS is the world’s largest provider of quality services in the web domain and Ethereum’s integration will help the company go a long way in mainstreaming its rapidly evolving network for the masses.

According to a press release from Amazon, the AWS users will have the ability to “provision Ethereum nodes” and then connect to the Ethereum mainnet. In addition, users will also be able to connect to the Ropsten and Rinkby testnets through the Amazon managed blockchain interface.

The communique states:

“In addition to DeFi applications, customers building analytical products such as smart contract monitoring tools and fraud detection software can also benefit from this scalable, highly available, and fully managed Ethereum service.”

Amazon Managed Blockchain Service

Amazon launched this service back in 2019. The idea was to allow its users a managed space where they could connect to open source networks like IBM’s Hyperledger and Ethereum itself. The initiative was to clear any network specific hardware setups and tools in a more managed environment. The overall success of the platform had been debatable as it struggled to provide the services and connect seamlessly with the other networks. It took over 2 years for the managed service to provide elementary connectivity with Ethereum, but now it is finally here.

3rd party managed blockchain services are a kind of new entity in the decentralized community. They do offer a lot of utility for the users but at the same time they are slow in adopting to change and update their platforms. There is also a concern that blockchain is just a buzzword for many of these corporate platforms and they don’t understand the full potential of the system at work.

Will Amazon Invest in Bitcoin?

After Tesla’s $1.5 billion investment in Bitcoin, many other mainstream companies are looking to get into the cryptocurrency sector. Now it is being rumoured that companies like Apple, Amazon and other big names are looking to get into Bitcoin. However, there is no indication right now that Jeff Bezos is interested in investing in Bitcoin.

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