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Top 5 Crypto Traders to Watch For

Crypto Twitter can be a weird place, full of anonymous accounts sharing all sorts of strange Bitcoin and cryptocurrency-related memes and debates. If you cut out the noise, however, there are some seriously good traders who provide free insight on a regular basis.

Here are the top five crypto traders you definitely want to follow:


CryptoISO is a newer Twitter account — at least, in terms of Crypto Twitter — but has quickly gained a following for his technical analysis. With an account that joined the social media platform in March 2019, CryptoISO provides a steady stream of clean technical analysis charts on a daily basis.

While the account mostly tweets charts with simply white backgrounds, CryptoISO has also been known to get in on the meme game and share some thoughts on the market unrelated to simply trading.

f i l ₿ f i l ₿

FilbFilb is a cryptocurrency veteran and one of the more well-respected analysts in the space, thanks to his rock-solid technical analysis. 

His background in trading a variety of traditional markets has made trading Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies almost child’s play for the Decentrader founder — who also once won a high-profile bet while calling the bottom of the last bear market.

In addition to his analysis, Filb also regularly shares his thoughts on the bigger picture with some occasional political commentary and frequent Arnold Schwarzenegger gifs.

Michaël van de Poppe

Many in the crypto world already know Michaël van de Poppe for his active Twitter profile and regular articles for CoinTelegraph. 

According to his Twitter bio, he is a full-time trader from the Amsterdam Stock Exchange with a BSc in Economics. This education is evident in van de Poppe’s technical analysis, which usually features professional-looking charts with beige backgrounds.

Ki Young Ju

Ky Young Ju is the CEO of Cryptoquant who shares his on-chain analysis and swing-trading perspectives on a daily basis. 

He has gained a large following for his unique insights into what is happening behind the scenes, not just on the charts. Some topics include the Coinbase premium, miner inflows and outflows, and other exchange-related findings.

Willy Woo

Willy Woo is one of the more famous accounts on Crypto Twitter and has been around since the beginning — earning him a massive following.

Woo specializes in on-chain analysis and finding investment signals from blockchain data. He often takes a look at adoption curves, CME futures, supply and demand, and plenty of other on-chain metrics. He’s simply a must follow for anyone who invests or trades Bitcoin.

Do we missed someone? Let us know in the comments!

John McEnroe

John McEnroe

“Those who believe in Bitcoin also believe in cleverness." – Arif Naseem


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“Those who believe in Bitcoin also believe in cleverness." – Arif Naseem

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