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Google Filters Many Negative Robinhood Reviews

Google has removed over 120,000 negative reviews due to violation of rating manipulation.

The platform’s move to suspend significant stocks such as GameStop led to it getting many negative reviews on the Google play store. This prompted Google to delete the reviews to play fair.

From a report done by CryptoWhale on Twitter, Google removed as much as 120.000 Robinhood negative reviews, which pushed the app’s rating from one star to about four stars.

Google confirmed the allegations through The Verge that it had to do the removals due to Google Play Store policies’ violations. According to the policies, try as much to prohibit any reviews that manipulate the app’s rating. As a company, Google joins human intelligence and machine learning to deal with any ratings and reviews.

Currently, the Robinhood app has a 4.2-star rating with 177,000 reviews on the Google Play Store. Google clarified that companies could not delete the reviews on their own.

On the Apple store, Robinhood has a higher rating of 4.7 though there are no newer reviews for the past several days.

Halting of Stocks

On January 28th, several rallying stocks were halted by Robinhood that caused many outbursts in the trading community. The leading stocks that were affected GameStop and AMC Entertainment. GameStop has been in the light as its share prices have been aggressively pumped by Reddit’s WallStreetBets movement rising against short-selling wall street traders such as Melvin Capital.

Other than stopping major stocks, Robinhood has also suspended Dogecoin trading the same day. DOGE is believed to be pumped by Reddit, making its price increase by 900% in less than 48 hours on January 29th, making its position move up to be among the top-10 cryptos as from 2015.

Reasons for the suspends

It turns out that the main reason Robinhood halted the trades is because of a high price surge rally. As for GameStop, its price surged that made Robinhood stop buying its stock. It’s the same case with others. Redditors are also aggressive in proving their investing power compared to other wall street traders that put Robinhood on the lookout. Whenever the company feels Redditors are pumping, it takes a halt.

Many Robinhood users who are not happy are also considering a class action lawsuit apart from reviews. The company, however, suspended any purchases on Thursday as a risk management strategy.

Image by Xuemin Guan from Flickr.



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