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Atari Collaborates with Enjin to Revolutionize the Gaming Ecosystem

The new partnership between Atari and Enjin will change the whole ball game of the gaming ecosystem. Atari plans to introduce its IP and licenses into the Enjin platform.

Its first move from the collaboration is to bring in the nonfungible tokens, NFT, for use in the football game Kick Off.

KickOFF is a legendary game that dates back to 1989 and is loved by many as the best footy game on any machine. Its developer is bringing it to age by integrating the latest technology blockchain to gives players a pleasant new experience. It is scheduled to be released in the second quarter of 2021 in the Enjin multiverse.

Enjin is an Ethereum-based platform with plenty of tools that gives its users a chance to integrate blockchain into their games. Through the Enjin multiverse, those who have built games using Enjin can share assets in the form of NFTs.

Enjin makes it possible to create digital collectibles owned by an end-user and used when playing a game. It makes it possible for players to own the game and get financial rewards after the game in the form of assets.

As a company, Enjin expressed that it is delighted to have Atari on board. According to its business developer Alex Russman, Atari is a great household name associated with gaming. Its move to integrate blockchain shows that the technology is mature for the market.

Atari Blockchain Moves

This is not the first move Atari is making in regards to blockchain. Back in March, it got into a similar partnership with The Sandbox to get licensing for its classic IP to be used in the Sandbox Universe.

Atari plans to reboot its classic VCS so that blockchain technology is standard.

To show its enthusiasm for blockchain, the company has its own token, ATRI, made to act as a unified token for the blockchain gaming ecosystem. Contrary to the plan, the sale did not go as planned, making the token price fall by 70% during the trade.

Atari making a big move to the decentralized gaming ecosystem is quite a milestone. It shows that eBallr Games, the company behind it, cares about adapting to trends. It has undergone so many changes since the 1970s, and its move to NFT will not be as hard.

Image by 11333328 from Pixabay



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