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The Bitcoin Millionaire Twin Who Earned $10M from Bitcoin

With the roller-coaster in the price of Bitcoin, it has for sure made many millionaires and will still make more.

There are complaints from late adopters who feel it will be hard for them to easily make a fortune as they did not buy Bitcoin when it was still cheap, at under $000. One late adopter dubbed TheDumbTwin complained from the Reddit platform how his twin earned a clean $10M from Bitcoin, while he was dumb enough to invest in Silver. The easy million from his twin motivated him to switch to investing in Bitcoin.

From the apocryphal story, each of the twins received $100,000 as an inheritance from their parents back in 2013. The financial paths they took are what makes them today. One opted for silver as he believed it is way better than stocks and bonds. The other twin decided to risk and invest in Bitcoin, which was relatively new and considered controversial. The other twin did not buy the idea of Bitcoin as he believed it is speculation and maybe a waste of money.

Despite the uncertain crypto scene at the time, the brother put in $50,000 in Bitcoin, which was retailing at $100 then. That earned him about 500BTC. With the current all-time high, superseding the 2017 high, his coins are worth $9.6 million currently. The twin claims that all his brother’s investments are valued to be more than $10 million.

The DumbTwin, on the other hand, invested $30,000 in silver, which price at $26000 value currently. In 2013, silver was retailing at $30 per ounce and is now costing $24 per ounce.  He now claims that his brother’s returns from Bitcoin are already 100times more than his entire net worth.

Even though the story has not been verified to be true, it relates to many who missed the opportunities of embracing Bitcoin earlier. Those who adopted it the first three years are obviously miles ahead of that it may take so much effort to catch up with them.

On Reddit, people were quick to give their comments on the story. From the comments we gather that we all miss some investment opportunity in our lives, we should diversify our investments, we are the consequences of our choices, etc.

There is one that commented a comparison to US President Theodore Roosevelt, “Comparison is the thief of joy.”

Image by Jessica Walker from Flickr



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