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Cardano$ 0.267145 1.89%
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Solana$ 23.85 3.57%
Polkadot$ 4.23 0.84%
Polygon$ 0.56317 1.58%
FINSCHIA$ 20.82 5.28%
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American Rapper Invests $6m in Bitcoin

Celebrities around the world are more and more interested in investing in the cryptocurrency scene, with former rapper Logic reportedly investing $6m into Bitcoin last month. Full named Robert Bryson Hall II, Logic got into Bitcoin in a big splurge last month according to an Instagram post to his followers. Not only that he invested a huge sum into the cryptocurrency market but he was appearing to be quite cool about it and said, “F*ck it!, YOLO (You Only Live Once)”. This is a term often used by people looking to to commit some daring acts.

Has he Profited from the Latest Price Surge?

Considering the rapper invested his money last month, he has earned considerable profits in dollar sums if his social media claims are right. Last month, the cryptocurrency was around $14,000 and it didn’t seem like this resistance was going anywhere. However, now the cryptocurrency is worth around $18,800 at press time and that represents a 34% price increase on its own. So, his original investment totalling $6 million is now worth $8 million, a sweet increase considering it has only been one month. The rapper is relishing in his recent Bitcoin success and has even changed his name on Twitter to Bobby Bitcoin.

Celebrities and Bitcoin

Celebrities promoting cryptocurrency investment is nothing new. A few years back when Bitcoin was in relative crypto winter, a journalist approached Michael Keaton and asked him about Bitcoin. Keaton said he was just discussing it with his friends the other day and it seemed really interesting. Game of thrones’ star Maisie Williams (who plays Arya Stark) also asked for advice from her followers whether to go long on Bitcoin. She unveiled a new poll on Twitter with a Yes or No answer that her followers can engage in. Twitter users engaged in a memefest after that, calling her interesting names in memes including a girl who invests in Bitcoin, etc.


Interestingly, the story took a weird turn as Elon Musk replied to her tweet and said “Toss a Bitcoin to your Witcher” which is inaccurate as Williams never worked on the Witcher series. She replied by cheekingly asking Musk “How is Blue Origin?”. Blue Origin is a space company founded by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and is a rival to Musk’s famed SpaceX Corporation. Williams’ jab was intentional and it raised a lot of laughs on the microblogging website.


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