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BitMix is an Easy-to-Use Bitcoin Mixer for Enhanced Privacy and Security

Bitcoin Press Release: Bitmix announces easy-to-use universal mixer for users around the globe. It aims to provide a legal application for Bitcoin mixing in the context of security and Privacy.

6 November, 2020, London. Cryptocurrency mixing services are now being recognized as legitimate services in the industry. BitMix, a Bitcoin mixing service is providing this service for legal use all around the globe.

Bitcoin mixing services are basically online platforms that allow users to deposit their cryptocurrency and then mix it with other users to disassociate from their previous wallets and thus their identities. While this technology is revolutionary, some outlets do use it for providing questionable services.

Bitcoin Mixing for Legal Applications

At BitMix however, we offer users these mixing services only for legal applications. The most important of these is for security and privacy reasons. While cryptocurrencies themselves are incredibly secure, the electronic devices that hold them aren’t so. So, Bitcoin holders are also sometimes vulnerable to potential data hacks and digital espionages. We, at BitMix offer solutions for the legal issues faced by Bitcoin users. They include protection against hackers and data collection without consent that has become the norm in the digital world right now. With the help of BitMix, users can help make their Bitcoin holdings safer and have complete control over them despite being in a constant surveillance situation.

BitMix Features

BitMix also offers several key features that are currently unavailable in the cryptocurrency space. They include:

  1. Minimal initial information needed to start mixing services. BitMix realizes that users are looking to make their transactions private. Therefore the platform only requires very few details to kickstart the mixing services. Encryption is also done directly via hard drive and the website doesn’t store any unnecessary logs. Also, any outstanding logs are cleared after 72 hours so that even small bits of data doesn’t reach hackers or surveillance bots.
  2. Currently, Bitcoin, Litecoin and DASH are available for mixing services. Other cryptocurrencies may also be added in the near future but right now, they are unavailable.
  3. After every transaction you get a code. This code ensures that a user doesn’t get any of the Bitcoin he/she deposited into the system before. This promises complete intractability for the users.
  4. A letter of guarantee is provided at the end of the transaction that shows that the Bitcoin address used for the end transaction has been generated by BitMix from scratch and there is no previous existence of it on the blockchain. This ensures that the mixed Bitcoin are sent to the right destination.

BitMix is not just a startup. It has helped its many customers successfully mix their Bitcoins. Up to $200,000 worth of Bitcoins have been mixed for users on its platform and the number is growing with time.

How to Use BitMix Services?

First, go to website and there you will find a series of simple steps you need to follow to mix your Bitcoin. The website’s layout is simple and to the point. These are Bitcoin mixing services.


There are three simple steps that you need to follow to get brand new, clean and secure coins:


To start mixing Bitcoin, click on Bitcoin icon and the following window will appear:


There are a variety of functions that you can avail with this mixing program. There are three private wallets that you can enter and enter their percentage distribution accordingly. You can also select the delay on these wallets, select service fees and see mixing strength. If mixing strength is not good, you can tweak the settings accordingly. Alternatively, you can auto adjust it. Last, there is an option to randomize fee and transactions count. One can select either option and we are ready to mix.

Once the order is confirmed, you can see the mixing information on the platform and track its progress:


There is also a partner program that you can use for referrals. Up to 50% of mixing fee can be redeemed through this BitMix affiliate program. A special link is set for you that you can use to invite more users on the platform. Users can earn income for every transaction that their referrals do through BitMix.


Naturally, with a platform like BitMix, one has a lot of questions regarding its functionality, features and legal status. You can also set a list of Frequently Asked Questions:


For a better use experience, there is also an option for a programmable API. You can use it to create your own mixer with the help of this BitMix API:


If there are any issues, you can contact the BitMix support.

Talha Dar

Talha Dar

Cryptocurrency and blockchain enthusiast. Working on free economy and borderless solution side of things. Live and breathe crypto!


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