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Personal Wager: World’s first P2P Wagering Platform- Detailed Review

Online blockchain-based platforms are mushrooming right now with a variety of services offered that cater to our professional, social or even leisurely needs. For a year or two, the nascent decentralized betting industry has seen a lot of growth with numerous platforms offering native betting tokens for users. However, one sector that was totally missed by the industry till now and that was the personal wagering industry. eSports have taken the world by storm and while its betting industry has increased manifolds as well, the truth is that most of the money involved in eSports never reaches online platforms. It involves players wagering against each other in their beloved online games like FIFA, Fortnite, Tekken 7, League of Legends, DOTA 2 and others. Normally this wager is for a few bucks and keeps the competitive spirit of the gaming process alive. Now this relatively unexplored sector has a new player looking to tokenize it and bring the exciting prospect to millions of eSports players around the world.

Introducing Personal Wager

Personal Wager is offering personalized wagers among users on their new platform. Users can play against each other with no regards to geographical borders, monetary constraints and other issues. 

Personal wagering involves direct wagers between two teams or even individuals. It is very important for the future development of the sector as increased competition between users spars more innovation and growth as well as promoting across the world association unlike anything else. It is also a way for one of the better players to have a decent income from their eSports endeavours. Now in this sector what happens is that only the top players are recruited by the top teams and only a handful of them ever make money off of it. Now that’s not the case. Through personalized wagers, any decent player can potentially make money by indulging in wagers in their online games of choice. Considering hundreds of millions of eSports users around the world, there are countless possibilities for everyone. 

Website Review

The website is and you can access it from any online browser. The messaging on the portal is extremely simple and straightforward. Beneath a sizeable company logo that has two red and blue wagering contestants facing off each other, there is a menu showing several different options. There is About Us, Values, Team, ICO+, My PW and Feed. The good thing about this website is that it doesn’t make you open another browser tab except for at the end when you need to view technical documentation. Everything else is available within the single page and you can jump to any of the six sections by clicking the top menu bar. The messaging for the system is to-the-point and carries across. It simply says “Personal Wager is a fully operational player to player or head to head wagering system located at”. So, the actual gaming experience is done on the while is the platform for information and management of the tokenization efforts going on by the team. The message of the platform is easily disseminated across to users. It rounds it off by saying:

…., Personal Wager expects to be the de-facto standard for human vs human, AI vs AI, and human vs AI wagering”


About Us Section

The first menu option on is the About Us section. Visit the website to get access to the exclusive P2P personal wagering scene on the internet. 


The company focuses on the P2P eSports wagering segment and how Personal Wager may look to capture a significant amount of this market in the near future. These kinds of wagers are legal in most states as they don’t fall in the general definition of gambling which is strictly controlled in many locations and requires to be registered under gaming commissions. Now the company is releasing its first native wagering token called PWON (Player Won Token). The About Us section is rounded off by listing the shortcomings of current payment solutions on these platforms.

Below the About Us section are some basic stats including the total number of games compatible with the platform, flags taken, death matches and tournaments. 




The expanded team is shown in this section on a slideshow. They include CEO/Founder Brian R. Niesson from Bonaire, Simon Shaw from Costa Rica who is the CFO, Chris Webster, the COO from Canada and others. 


This section is right below the About Us section in the chronological display of the website but it is placed after the Team in the Menu bar. Here, the Personal Wager team showcases some of the difficulties faced by conventional ICOs in obtaining trading/exchanging licenses especially in the United States and Europe. However, with the approach used by ICO+ projects, this issue is resolved according to the Personal Wager team.

 width=  width=


The My PW section is where you go to logon to the Personal Wager platform and potentially trade/exchange/buy the native PWON tokens and use various features. Here is how it looks like:


As you can see, you will need a fully functioning Ethereum ERC 20 wallet address to be able to receive your PWON tokens. The PW platform doesn’t allow you to create one at the moment but it is fairly straightforward process and anyone can make it.


Here is the latest twitter feed from the platform from the handle @personalwager. Here you can follow the latest official updates from the Twitter handle in a chronological manner. 

Personal Wager Portal is the official gaming community’s portal. Here is how the looks like:


The gaming platform itself declares that any game is compatible with it and registration comes with 10,000 new tokens as well. What you need to do is to register, play a match and get rewarded with the PWON tokens.  More tokens can be claimed from the and they can then be used to indulge in personal wagers.

Visit the official platform website:

Visit the online gaming portal:

John McEnroe

John McEnroe

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“Those who believe in Bitcoin also believe in cleverness." – Arif Naseem

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