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Barter Platform is a P2P Barter Exchange System

Barter is a decentralized P2P online barter exchange platform that envisions a decentralized barter trading model. The new platform has been under development for some time and is likely to transform the future of P2P cashless future.

Introducing Barter Trade system for the Masses

Barter is the world’s oldest trading system. Instead of relying on an intermediate currency to transact between different types of goods and services, the system provides a way to directly transact between them. For example, a trader in one country that has a surplus of any product A can find markets for his product and upon finding a country that is in need of his product A, he can receive payment through a product B, a product that is in shortage of supply in his own region.  Historically, much of the trade was carried out through this approach but slowly money became a trusted intermediary between proceedings.

The Barter system allows us to engage in this efficient ancient form of trade directly between transacting partners in a borderless, secure environment powered by blockchain technology.


The main feature of the Barter Trade system is the use of digital legal smart contracts concept for a better future.  The digital platform envisages smart contracts as automatically enforceable legally binding contracts. The future is likely to accept digital agreements as enforceable law as well even if it is being viewed with suspicion by governments around the world. Because this system is free from malicious infringement, the digital tokens and smart contracts will only get better with time.

The new Barter trade approach will be facilitated by latest tech including Plasma Protocol, a lightning fast transactional tech. The Ox Extensions feature will enable different kinds of barter trades on the system while all the private information of the system is protected by the latest Enigma Protocol. Full guarantee of personal identity protection is made by the platform through these innovative approaches

The platform has announced the release of the first Android and iOS apps. Android users in particular can get rewards through it by participating in the private test of the application.

Token Sale

Barter token (BRTR) is the native platform of the Barter Trade platform and ecosystem. Native coin holders have various benefits on the upcoming services being offered there. The total number of tokens is set at 100 million BRTR tokens. Only 10% of the total supply is set for the Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) while a massive 32.5% of the rewards are available for staking returns of the future.  For further information regarding tokenomics and latest updates on the iOS and Android app, follow the official website.

Visit the official website:

John McEnroe

John McEnroe

“Those who believe in Bitcoin also believe in cleverness." – Arif Naseem


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“Those who believe in Bitcoin also believe in cleverness." – Arif Naseem

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