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Coin.Host is one of the pioneer server hosting companies who accepts cryptocurrencies. The company was established in 2011 in Switzerland with the vision of providing a security based hosting company who accepts Bitcoins and many other cryptocurrencies. Over the years, they managed more than 20 000 clients and offering more than 70 various hosting platforms and plans.

9 years in business gives the base of the trust for and the location is a great addition if security and safety matters.

Hosted in Switzerland – the privacy safe haven

COIN.HOST’s servers are located in Switzerland  – the country that has one of the world’s most robust privacy and data protection laws. Every bit of data that is stored on a server that is physically located in Switzerland is protected by the Swiss Federal Data Protection Act and Ordinance to the Swiss FDPA. Practically, this means that no one can access server’s data unless there’s a Swiss court order and in such case the server owner must be informed. Switzerland has always been neutral to any political and other conflicts, so in these fragile times it really matters where you store your data securily.

As they say in their company mission:

“Security, privacy, excellence and responsibility are the cornerstones of our company’s philosophy. We are deeply convinced that every our client has the fundamental and unbreachable right of privacy that we must protect at political, infrastructural and physical levels. We see our mission and responsibility in providing efficient, privacy-focused and by all means excellent web hosting services to the crypto and blockchain communities.”

According to our review, we decided that we will check the client dashboard including order process and payment options, we make Virtual Private Server and configure a basic LAMP web server. We believe that testing the service itself is more useful and important. The company history and background is a guarantee for the security and the safety of your data and we think that a real life test and review can give our readers a better understanding of the service.

Client dashboard and payments

The user interface is clean and follows the classic line of the server and hosting panel administration interfaces.


The service order process is pretty straight forward, if you complete the order process you will get an invoice and you can choose your payment method. They offer classic payments, like SEPA bank transfer, Credit / Debit cards and Paypal. They support E-currencies such as Webmoney and Perfect money.

The big deal is that they support Bitcoin and Ethereum payments with zero extra fees and a bunch of other crypto currencies – you can pay with 15 different coins:


That’s pretty impressive and gives you the choice to use your favorite or preferred currency for the payments.

Solutions offer various solutions – over 70 platforms and services. From dedicated servers to Linux / Windows based VPS servers, ready made webhosting solutions, CDN service and many more — You can check the whole list here.

Testing the VPS service

We decided to order a VPS V4 configuration, you can check all the available Bitcoin VPS hosting packages in

  • CPU: 2.6 Ghz Intel Xeon
  • Cores: 4 vCPU x 2.6GHz = 10.4 GHz Processing Power
  • RAM, MB: 8192
  • Storage, GB: 80 (SolidFire®All-Flash SSD Array)
  • Bandwidth, TB: 5 (10 Gb Ethernet network connection for each Virtual Machine)
  • Supported OS: Linux/FreeBSD

Software components:

  • Debian 9 Stretch – pre installed ISO
  • i-MSCP hosting panel
  • PHP 7.3 as CGI with Apache2 fcgid module (MPM Event)
  • Nginx – control panel only
  • My SQL 5.7

We installed a standard WordPress installation with the following components as a base of testing:

  • WordPress 5.5.1
  • Astra theme
  • Elementor plugin
  • 11 high resolution photos
  • 1,000 words of dummy content

No caching and no other performance booster solutions implemented, not even Apache expires headers. 

Pingdom test

We tested the websites performance on Pingdom from various locations, you can find the results below. The performance was pretty impressive even from further locations the vps response times and TTFB was great as well (between 37ms and 87ms), however the overseas load time seems a bit higher, which can be solved with CDN services they offer.


SSD speed test

We tested the VPS performance of the hard drives as well – we got 208 MB/s as a writing speed which is a great result from a node based environment.


Network speed test

We installed the Speedtest command line application the server was lightning fast and the ssd read and write test was running smoothly. We got an impressive 3015 mbit / second for downloads and 2139 mbit / second for uploads.


According to the test results, is a great and secure solution for privacy based hostings. We tested the a VPS package and the results were stunning – no signs of oversold resources or any slowdowns during the test period.

If you want a secure, Swiss based privacy focused solution, visit Coin.Host and choose your solution.

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John McEnroe

John McEnroe

“Those who believe in Bitcoin also believe in cleverness." – Arif Naseem


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“Those who believe in Bitcoin also believe in cleverness." – Arif Naseem

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