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Nigerians can Transfer Money through Bitcoin with

Nigerians and their money transfer woes may be a thing of the past as new crypto payment platform Cryptofully has announced a new option for the African country’s residents. With the new innovative platform, Nigerians and even other non-Nigerian investors and residents can send money directly to Nigeria with Bitcoin in a two-step process in which the receiving account will immediately be credited with the local Naira amount.

The Vibrant Nigerian Diaspora and Payment Chronicles

Nigerians have among the largest diasporas in the world working in various countries in different skilled and unskilled capacities. From Italy and the United Kingdom in Europe to the USA and Canada in North America, Nigerians are known to be hardworking and committed professionals. Much of this vast diaspora, which is millions in number has family back at home and send their valuable earning to support them. However, due to systematic problems, the Nigerians face various problems in achieving this simplest of goals.

The current international banking channels are extremely old-school, expensive and take a lot of time. A simple Western Union transaction, one of the most famous international money transfer methods in Nigeria right now may take up to 24 hours and cost a significant transaction fee as well. This process is especially problematic for Nigerians who own Bitcoin abroad and need to send money back. In order to do so, they have to first convert their Bitcoin into local fiat of the country of their residence and then that fiat is transferred around the world to the African country for high fees.

Cryptofully- A Viable Solution

Cryptofully offers a direct solution to this problem. Anyone who wants to send money to local Naira bank account in the country through Bitcoin can simply go to and do so in a two-step process that requires no registration procedure or fees. The first step starts with the homepage. You need to enter simple details needed for the transaction including the receiving account details, bank’s name, Account Title and the amount of Bitcoin you wish to transfer. The latest Bitcoin/Naira exchange rate is visible underneath for added transparency so that the uses can be made aware about their transaction details on an instant basis. 

A bitcoin wallet address is then generated just for this transaction and you can then transfer Bitcoin to it. Once the transaction has been confirmed on the blockchain, the exact amount of Naira requested is then immediately transferred to the receiver’s bank account by Cryptofully. It is just that easy to conduct transactions over here! There are no hidden fees and transactions.

Cryptofully is committed to providing user-friendly, cost-effective and fast Bitcoin capability to the millions of Nigerians around the world who are looking for better options with which to send their money.

Visit the official website:

Talha Dar

Talha Dar

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