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Make Personalized Wagers on eSports with Personal Wager

eSports platforms and services have been re-imagined by the blockchain sector. New crypto/blockchain-based eSports platforms are being touted as the future of online gambling and wagers because of their effective solutions. One of the new innovative approaches in the relatively new sector is Personal Wager, an online P2P agency specializing in person-to-person or head-to-head wagering in the rapidly growing eSports genre.


Just like regular sports like football, basketball, cricket, baseball, etc are followed by fans and enthusiasts from all around the world, eSports is also attracting the same kind of attention from a certain demographic. Also, just like the online betting/wagering sector is growing in the regular sports genre with billion-dollar platforms being constantly used for bets, eSports with its increasing fanbase is also increasing its outreach and thriving in the betting scene as well.

Personal Wager

Another interesting aspect to allow users to do wagers directly with each other or via teams. Personal Wager is an online platform that allows eSports users to raise the stakes and indulge in wagers with each other. The terms and conditions including the amount are up to the users themselves and so, they can play against each others with raised stakes for a more thrilling experience.

This P2P wagering feature gives a unique angle to the Personal Wager platform. Normally, what happens is that betting platforms allow users to bet on any tournament happening around the world but that application is limited as we all know that the thrill of eSports is often good old-fashioned personal triumphs over other players. Wagers often make things interesting and competitive and it is a great way to improve your overall skill in a game all the while earning some decent rewards based on it, that is if you are good enough and have got what it takes!

Conventionally, wagers are only done between close friends and local rivals with the spoils often being a large pizza or a few bucks, but with the new Personal Wager platform, the sky is the limit for the wagers and that is why experienced/skilful players can make considerable money for their competence by getting challenged around all the time. Now you don’t need to be among a handful of professionals around the world to earn money through eSports. All you need is a big heart and give it all when the clock starts.

Sign up now on Personal Wager and start seeing what your video game skill is worth!

Key Features

Personal Wager has four unique feature for its users:

  1. Complete P2P playing experience with no need to include a third party in the proceedings. Now users can indulge in direct wagers with each other with the help of the smart contracts capability used by the Personal Wager system.
  2. All video games can be played on the platform providing they can produce a clear winner at the end. Personal Wager can integrate all of them. So, no matter how old or new, any video game can be wagered on.
  3. To make matters simpler, Personal Wager maintains a library of video games users can play. Whenever a new game or version is added, the support staff check and approve the game. No game will be disallowed except for the one that has no clear outcome.
  4. A meritocracy-based system that allows users to compete with each other fairly.

Token Event

The Personal Wager platform will come with a native token called PWON, short for Player Won Token. The overall hard cap is set at $25 million while the soft cap for the token event is set at $2.5 million. There will be over 1 billion PWON tokens eventually up for grabs with discounted prices applicable for early birds!

Follow the Personal Wager platform and buy PWON tokens:

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