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South Koreans can now use Bitcoin to pay for beach services

The Haeundae Beach system in Busan has introduced a crypto payment platform for beachgoers during summer. It is a pilot program that was set up by Bitbeat-affiliate company CIC Enterprise to give a crypto payment option to the two main beaches used by tourists in the country.

ZDNet Korea confirmed that the company partnered with Innotech, which is a card and cash payments provider, to ensure the token powered solution is a success. Through the program, users will be able to pay for different water sports-related activities, life jackets, parasol rentals, etc. and pay using Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and MC and WAY ERC20 tokens. The entire process will be implemented through a mobile application.

Efficient payment solution

It is going to be a fast and efficient solution as the payments only need 10 seconds to be processed as it uses only QR codes to process the transaction. That sets it apart from other systems that would require customers to download different apps for the process to be complete.

According to Bitbeat, they are working on providing a cryptocurrency payment environment, and they hope it will be smoothly adopted not only at the Haeundae-gu beach but also worldwide.

The system is more efficient as during the summer many people and tourists, in general, would rather rent the services than bring their stuff. This is common in the Haeundae beaches and Sonjeong. The payment platform will make the process to be seamless and no delays. The payment system has not only been introduced in Haeundae beach but also Songjeong to meet the growing demand.

Growth in Busan

Busan is at the forefront of adopting technologies. There is also a private-public consortium that is working on building a medical tourism platform that is powered by blockchain. Choosing Busan is strategic as it is the second biggest city in the country when it comes to population. Busan bank will lead the initiative though there are other members on board as well.  Several hospitals are part of the consortium, such as the Samyuk Busan Hospital, Pusan National University Hospital, Gosing University Gospel Hospital, and Dong-A University Hospital. The medical platform will be fueled by a mobile app called Regional Mobile Medical Tourism Platform. All transactions related to medical tourism will be based on the platform.  Patients can also capitalize on the platform to connect with medical institutions in Busan.

South Korea is doing all it can to make sure that tourism booms.

Image by tau nguyen from Pixabay



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