Bitcoin$ 27,508.37 1.72%
Ethereum$ 1,662.32 4.08%
Cardano$ 0.259092 2.61%
XRP$ 0.512186 2.32%
Solana$ 23.37 2.22%
Polkadot$ 4.12 3.44%
Polygon$ 0.546915 4.10%
FINSCHIA$ 19.99 1.57%
Litecoin$ 65.97 3.38%
Avalanche$ 9.32 4.47%
Uniswap$ 4.46 4.34%
Aave$ 69.18 4.26%

ICOs supported by celebrities: Floyd Maywheather Jr, Johnny Depp, and Dj Khaled

Some people think that actors, musicians, and other celebrities only delve into affairs related to the entertainment industry. And for the most part, it is true. However, not all of them do just entertainment-related business. The Kardashian clan, for example, ventures into industries outside their tv production, like make-up and clothing.

Some might read the previous sentence and don’t think much of it. Others might laugh at it. Regardless, the reality is that celebrities are willing to step out of their comfort zone and explore other fields. And one of those fields that have been getting celebrity attention is cryptocurrency.

Three particular celebrities have shown interest in crypto than everyone else. So much so that they have created their own ICO. These celebrities are Johnny Depp, Floyd Maywheather Jr, and DJ Khaled.

Let’s see their involvement in crypto and their results. It should be noted that they are not alone in trading and trading cryptocurrency. Messi, Madonna, Tyson Pitbull, are just a small part of the long list of stars in the world of digital trading. However, Depp, Maywheater Jr, and Khaled can be considered some of the most influential mainstream celebrities in the crypto market.

Floyd Maywheather Jr.

The heavyweight boxer, undisputed champion, and arguably one of the best fighters to have ever lived is famous for his indulgence. The boxer likes money and doesn’t miss the opportunity to show it. The multi-millionaire boxer made a fortune as a fighter, but these days his attention has shifted somewhere else.

Floyd Maywheater Jr.’s involvement with crypto did not happen overnight. He became aware of Bitcoin and Ether during their early days. Mayweather followed their rise and encouraged the man to shift his attention to the rising crypto market.

The first opportunity he saw was with the ICO from, in which the boxer started investing and promoting. His actions netted him almost 33 million dollars in profit. Something that Mayweather celebrated by posting a photo of Instagram surrounded by tons of money.

However, it did not stop there. His most recent involvement with crypto is with to Hubii. As of this writing, Hubii has a market cap of 3 billion USD, which shows that the boxer seems to have a bit of a Midas touch when it comes to supporting an ICO.

Hubii and Stox work with Ethereum, which seems to be another coin that has Mayweather’s attention. For now, no one knows the boxer’s next big ICO. What is known is that he is looking for the next big thing. Floyd Maywheather Jr. has stated that he will continue to invest in crypto to increase his portfolio and value. By doing this, he has also brought a lot of attention to the crypto market.

Johnny Depp

The savvy captain of the Black Pearl, Johnny Depp, has a reputation for being a great and eccentric actor. However, what people don’t talk about is his interest in trying new things and being at the edge of innovation. That’s what lead Depp to get involved with crypto.

The actor agreed to a partnership with the audiovisual production company TaTaTu. The company is planning to use its blockchain for marketing and promote its film. Additionally, viewers and other people will be able to be miners. The platform will allow those involved to obtain part of the available tokens and exchange them for other coins or use it for transactions.

Depp’s involvement in the plan is on the advertising side of things. The actor has used his social media network to shine a spotlight on this powerful platform, and recommend its implementation. As of this writing, the partnership seems to be working. The coin is starting to gain ground. And who knows? Maybe some of Mr Depp’s friend will be intrigued to jump into the crypto boat once they see how powerful blockchains can be.

Dj Khaled

The eternal joke on the internet is that Dj Khaled gets paid to say two sentences. And while that cannot be further from the truth, the reality is that Khaled is always hustling. His constant search for ways to increase his wealth led him to cryptocurrencies.

His first contact with crypto came with the ICO. And it happened thanks to his friend Mayweather Jr., who also made a considerable fortune from this investment. It does not end there. DJ Khaled also invested Central Tech ICO. However, Khaled and Mayweather were fined by the SEC for violated trading and promotion laws.

After that, DJ Khaled has been laying low regarding crypto. It’s unclear when his next dive into crypto will happen. But, it’s safe to say it will come sooner rather than later.

The Crypto Influencers

These three men have been doing more than invest in ICO. Their promotion and wealth have a direct correlation with the normalization of ICO and crypto coins.

Their eagerness to promote these system has already attracted other big names. Lionel Messi has stated that every ICO is an opportunity to generate income. His interest in ICO and crypto extends beyond just making money. The system itself can revolutionize banking, which is something the football player seems to support.

People might believe these celebrities are jumping into these platforms without any risk. They have enough money to waste a couple of millions if something fails. However, the problem is not the disparity in the capital. It’s their risk appetite.

Ask yourself if you are ready to do that as well. It’s not a matter of money, but will. All that it takes is to take one small step, and also read a lot. Information about ICOs is available for anyone who wants to read it and has an internet connection. So what are you waiting? We are living through the best moment in time to start a company. Cryptocurrencies have made funding easy. Moreover, it has made it safer than ever. Nothing is stopping you from being just like these three men and be part of the pioneers in the crypto industry.

Image source: Flickr, taken by Rev Stan

John McEnroe

John McEnroe

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“Those who believe in Bitcoin also believe in cleverness." – Arif Naseem

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