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Elon Musk and bitcoin

Elon Musk is one of the world’s biggest tycoons, co-founder of paypal, shareholder of tesla among other things. An enterprising physicist who innovates and has a patrimony that exceeds 71 million dollars. He is one of the strongest defenders of Bitcoin and the cryptomontage system in general.

Elon Musk declared that the global banking system is in decline. He said the world needs to move forward crypto currencies and that is not a secret to anyone. However, banks are printing more and more money to try to get out of the situation they are in, it only makes it more obvious.

Elon Musk is sure bitcoin is here to stay and that soon everyone will start using it. In several interviews and statements made by his social networks Musk says that cryptomoney and trading is the new economic system, one that is more viable. For him it is a safer and more profitable form of investment than a traditional business.

Interview with J.K Rowling

Elon Musk had an interview with the writer of the famous Harry Potter book saga. In this interview Rowling asked the physicist to explain bitcoins as she did not understand the subject. The answer given to Rowling was that it is a way to support your capital and even increase it over time.

In the interview Musk also stated that he has a bitcoin wallet and currently has 0.25 BTC. Which would be approximately $2,000 in Bitcoin at the presente time. The writer found it curious and decided to ask about the difference between traditional and digital money.

Musk’s answer was simple, and he said that bitcoin is cheaper. The second thing is that he can use it anywhere in the world without having problems with banks. In fact, the entrepreneur made a joke: In the future, Gringotts would no longer be needed.

Musk also emphasized that Tesla, his own multimillion dollar company is also using Bitcoin. This implies that the world is changing and already traditional financial institutions are dying. Many empires, sportsmen anf stars are in the world of crypto currencies and using them on a daily basis.

Musk’s opinion about the future of Bitcoin

Despite the opinion of many analysts who say that bitcoin is just a fad and that it will pass, Musk doesn’t think so. For Musk, the opinion of the analysts is based on old paradigms that are no longer valid in the current era.  Traditional schemes are obsolete and do not adapt to the new reality.

Musk cited several examples of current ventures, detailing that the vast majority are digital. He gave the example of Google, Facebook, Whatsapp, Amazon, among others. Where multi-million dollar businesses emerged in a few years and are still expanding.

Musk declared that the future of bitcoin is promising and that soon it will be accepted everywhere. The businessman said that little by little the financial companies will disappear just like blockbuster. It is not for political reasons, it is simply change and if you don’t evolve you disappear.

Musk emphasized the fact that important people in various fields are already using cryptomoney. Therefore it should not be surprising that every day more businessmen and ordinary people change their payment methods. With smartphones and new devices, bitcoin payment will become a reality.

No matter how much you want to create the false expectation that the dollar is still strong by printing more, it is useless. Businesses will soon accept crypto-currency as the main form of payment and must prepare for it.

0.25 BTC from nothing to much

To many people the amount of 0.25 BTC may seem like a lot, given the current BTC value. The detail is that when Musk bought it, it didn’t have that value, in fact he has stated that its value was 1/10th of what it is now. The BTC is still going up, it has stumbled, yes, but it is still climbing.

The BTC has allowed many investors to earn large income just by making a purchase. There were not as many risks and factors influencing investment productivity as in traditional businesses. Therefore, his investment was small and he received a lot in return.

Musk the digital trading business that is cutting edge today

For Musk digital trading through cryptoactives is a type of business that is cutting edge. In this time of pandemic even more, where people are looking for different ways to generate income. Additionally you can do it in different fields so you have options to invest.

You can invest in gold, territory, oil, among other things from the comfort of your home. You have tools and information online on how to do it properly. So the field is ready for you to start a digital business according to Musk.

The trends say that the BTC is going up and there is nothing to stop it, no government, no bank, no one. It’s the future and it looks like a lot of successful people are looking at it and taking advantage of it.

 Musk says the results speak for themselves

Musk stated about the fact that many athletes are doing entrepreneurship. He commented on Floyd Mayweather’s success with the ICO in Ether which earned him over $30 million. Athletes like Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, are in that world and not because they need money.

The reason is simple: they saw an opportunity, took it and they had excellent results. You cannot argue about those resulta so if the world is changing and it’s proving itself you have to change with it. It’s time to invest in cryptoactives and start digital businesses based on it.

Whether it’s mining, trading, whatever you want, Musk emphasized that there is a wide range of opportunities. All the tools are already here, we just need to start using and getting familiar with them. For Musk, the BTC and the other crypto currencies are a future that is being built fast.

Image source: Flickr, taken by JD Lasica

John McEnroe

John McEnroe

“Those who believe in Bitcoin also believe in cleverness." – Arif Naseem


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“Those who believe in Bitcoin also believe in cleverness." – Arif Naseem

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