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Best BTC analysts of 2020

The year 2020 so far has come full of unexpected events that have affected the economy worldwide. Most of these events, like the COVID-19 lockout, could not have been predicted by the experts in the BTC world.

However, some BTC analysts and experts did predict the development of Bitcoin for this year, including the sudden rise of cryptocurrency to reach 10.000 USD, which surprised a lot of people.

Here are some of the most accurate BTC analysts that proved to be prepared for the surprising eventualities, and know what they are talking about on their predictions.

Best BTC analysts

The crash on March after the COVID-19 lockout brought many fears for investors and traders, that got nervous thinking that Bitcoin wouldn’t be able to recover from it. The thought was accompanied by the fact that on May, Bitcoin was going to experience its third Halving since launching.

The other two Halvings happened in 2012 and 2016. This measure was taken by the company in charge of Bitcoin to allow mining to continue for many years.

It happens every four years, so traders were already preparing for it, knowing from the other experiences that there usually was a decrease in the value of Bitcoin after a Halving, before increasing fast. With the lockout was a hard blow for the Bitcoin market, making it crash.

The following analysts, however, didn’t panic. They studied the events and followed their instincts. As proof that their efforts were worth it, they made predictions that have come true in the past days.

-Michael Novogratz. He is the CEO of the Digital Galaxy cryptocurrency bank, and ex-henge funds manager. After the crash, and following up carefully different events such as news in the USA, he predicted the sudden increase of Bitcoin to reach 10k, something that happened in June 2nd an hour later after his publication on the twitter account (@novogratz).

The price of Bitcoin dropped once more after it reached that number, but in July the price once more got to 10.000 USD.

When 10k goes it will move fast”

said in his tweet, and surely enough, the price of Bitcoin has kept increasing since it reached the second week of July.

-Craig Cobb. He is a renown trader and analyst in cryptocurrency, you can find him through his twitter account @TraderCobb. He followed the movement of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Cardano through the market and made his predictions a day before the Bitcoin moved as he had foretold.

According to his studies, both Ethereum and Cardano had increased their value, and Cobb was sure that investors would move their wins back to Bitcoin soon. Twenty-four hours later, his prediction was accurate.

-Dave The Wave. @davthewave is an anonymous twitter account of a BTC analyst that has successfully predicted the movement of the cryptocurrency in the past. On July, he predicted that although there was a rise on the altcoins, which are the alternative cryptocurrencies besides Bitcoin, the BTC would eventually rise again at high speed.

There were many debates online about this prediction, where many other analysts gave more credit to the altcoins. However, the words of Dave turned out to be right, as the Bitcoin once again started to go up.

-Willy Woo. You can find him on twitter through his account @woonomic. He is a trader and cryptocurrency analyst that also gives bits of advice and predictions based on studying algorithms.

Despite the crash on March, Willy Woo was one of the analysts that were sure that Bitcoin would rise again even after the Halving, something that many investors doubted. It is not easy to stay optimistic when the numbers drop the way they did during the Coronavirus crisis, and even now, some may feel nervous about the possibility of a second lockdown before the year is over.

However, Willy Woo predicted that a bullish trade was coming in the following months, and his prediction was fulfilled in the last days.

-PenarthUdi. It is another anonymous trader, which predicted in 2018 the fall of Bitcoin under the 3.000 USD. This year it also predicted the rise of Bitcoin in February and a downfall in March. Both predictions were right, giving this person credit for its predictions. Currently, PenarthUdi is taking a bullish way, and recommending to other investors and traders to do the same. It believes that, after the fall during the crash and the Halving,

we will never see such low numbers again”

-Ki Young Ju. He is the CEO of CryptoQuant and offers on-chain analysis regarding the cryptocurrency world. He bases his analysis on how the big whales, which means the leading investors in BTC, place their money in the cryptomarket. He has also successfully predicted the rapid increase of the Bitcoin prices, although according to his tweets, he considers that it has risen too fast.


In the Bitcoin market, some analysts use heir instinct and “feel the wind” to know when and where they must trade and invest.

This year, however, has shown that it is necessary to know all the facts and prepare for the unexpected. Investors and traders that look for guidance in different analysts should also study the news and look for indicators to compare the information.

That way, they will be able to know when it is the best moment to become bullish or bearish.

Those analysts that studied the events and were able to predict what was going to happen are currently recommending to become a bullish trader.

BTC is going up and will continue rising according to these experts; therefore, the best moment to start trading is now.

The Coronavirus crisis is still going, and until it is resolved, people should be expecting changes and drops in the following months.

However, it looks like the Bitcoin is back on track in his ascension, as cryptocurrencies are now becoming an essential tool to deal with the current situation.

Purchase and transaction online via Bitcoin are more common and is leading to an era of digital commerce using a decentralized financial system.

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John McEnroe

John McEnroe

“Those who believe in Bitcoin also believe in cleverness." – Arif Naseem


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“Those who believe in Bitcoin also believe in cleverness." – Arif Naseem

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