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Joe Rogan hypes Bitcoin through his podcast

Joe Rogan was paid by Cash App to hype Bitcoin to his 200M listeners through his podcast. In his most recent episode, he spared his first few minutes to encourage his fans to buy Bitcoin.

Episode 1515 was done on July 28; Joe Rogan used us customary tone to feature his advertising sponsors, among them Cash App. He added Bitcoin technical points, such as statistical sets.

Rogan highlighted that Bitcoin is a decentralized currency for peer to peer payment network. Rogan readout:

Bitcoin is a transformational digital currency that acts as a decentralized peer-to-peer payment network powered by its users, with no central authority,



Joe took advantage of his massive following of over 200 million listeners. He acknowledged his followers might not be so familiar with “sats” the short form for Satoshi, Bitcoin’s founder.

He clarified that he is not sure if Satoshi was his real name, or if it was a group or an individual. He felt strange that no one is clear about who Satoshi was.

Rogan tried to make his endorsement more genuine by stating that his podcast does not rely on Cash App ads.

Revolutionary Cash App

Cash App is a payment service by Square that gives its users the option to buy and sell bitcoins since 2018. The CEO of Square Jack Dorsey, in collaboration with Twitter, has made efforts to promote the service lately.

Dorsey made a tweet of a NASCAR vehicle sponsored by Cash App in forms of a picture with a Bitcoin logo on July 14. The car was driven by Darrell “Bubba” Wallace, who is the only African American in NASCAR’s top racing series. The driver became more famous when he highlighted he is using the sport to deal with racism. The car had not only two bitcoin logos but also a logo Square’s Cash App. Many users associated the Cash App sponsorship on NASCAR positive, leading to bullish trends in Bitcoin’s price.

Rogan’s podcast

Rogan’s podcast is one of the top-performing podcasts with many prominent guests. He has had several guests talk on cryptos such as Andreas Antonopoulos, a bitcoin bull, and Elon musk. He uses several safety features, such as using a privacy-based browser Brave to protect him from internet ads and Google tracking.

Image by Shaun Baker from flickr



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