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Pablo Escobar-linked Individual could be Satoshi Nakamoto

According to Escobar Inc, the long-running company associated with Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar has claimed that a drug runner working for them with the name of Yasutaka Nakamoto is the real creator of Bitcoin aka Satoshi Nakamoto. The CEO of the company Olof Gustaffson made these claims earlier and has started a new round of discussion into the possible identity of Satoshi Nakamoto.

The Claim

Gustaffson started working for the famed drug cartel back in early 2000s when he was just a young teenager. He has now risen to the top of the drug associated company registered in Colombia. He became CEO of the company six years ago when he was just 21 years old. He believes that Yasutaka Nakamoto served as the Head Engineer for Pacific West Airlines and thus was ideally placed for handling most of Pablo Escobar’s overseas drug dealings. Gustaffson gives no actual proof of Yasutaka’s involvement in the creation of Bitcoin itself and loosely says that the Japanese engineer had considerable knowledge of microprocessors and chips and that made him an ideal candidate to start something as revolutionary as Bitcoin itself.


Yasutaka Nakamoto

The person in question may likely have worked for the Escobars as according to his personal public profile, he was subject of a failed pipe bomb attack. Yasutaka did work for the airlines and he in all probability did work for the cartel in transporting drugs illegally throughout the world but this wayward history doesn’t prove anything regarding the creation of Bitcoin itself. The project was regarding networking, economics, decentralization and ledgers and Gustaffson failed to make a connection regarding these crucial aspects of the network except just say that he was “good with chips and microcomputers”.

Is Bitcoin a Brainchild of the Drug World

Bitcoin is often blamed for being involved in the drug trade but that is not the truth at all. In reality, the total usage of Bitcoin in shady activities is still an irrelevant percentage of the total illegal markets. The total market capitalization of Bitcoin is around $180 billion at the moment and that is just a fraction of the total drug trade across the world.

Escobar Inc. History

The Escobar Inc. has a history of wild claims and has done considerable provocative promotion and advertising so it won’t be a surprise that this fake Satoshi move is another one of those out of their extensive playbook. It is believed that half of the legends of Pablo Escobar in the TV shows and movies are due to this fictionalization of the character and organization and Escobar Inc. probably plays a considerable role in these matters as well. So, it is very difficult to take them serious with this little evidence regarding the identity of the original creator of Bitcoin. Yes, the surname Nakamoto is same but many crypto entrepreneurs believe that there is no real person by that name and it was instead the brainchild of a dedicated team and the writer of the Bitcoin paper was actually English.

Various people have claimed to be Satoshi Nakamoto before without any concrete proof. Read our detailed analysis of the claims put forward by serial claimer Craig Wright.

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