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John McAfee offers $500 in DAI for the one who will take the best pictures during this pandemic period

The famous John McAfee, who is the one behind McFee antivirus and also a crypto advocate, is offering a reward of $500 in the form of Ethereum based DAI to the one who will take the best photo during this pandemic period.

According to his tweet, despite the lockdown, it would be great to see the exciting aspects of different cities, highways, etc. The best photo will be chosen by his wife, who her twitter handle is @theemrsmcafee. Interested persons will submit photos to that handle.

In no time, submissions started rolling in after people seeing the tweet. There are different exciting photos so far, such as the empty New York central station during rush hour, Las Vegas Strip, redline downtown Chicago, etc.


Chicago Redline Downtown (Image from Twitter, @CatKapps)

Why DAI?

It is common for anyone to be curious about why choose DAI while there are many crypto coins in the market. Upon being asked by Cryptotelegraph why he chose DAI in particular and his response was because it is a stablecoin.

DAI is a stablecoin, and it is the currency behind MakerDAO, which is a decentralized finance application. During the recent volatility in the crypto market in early March, DAI was not left behind. DAI is based on the Ethereum blockchain, and Ethereum is one of the worst-hit by the crisis.

The cryptocurrency turbulence Affected the MakerDAO’s operations, especially in offering Ethereum-backed loans. This was affected by the price of Ethereum, which dropped by 54% in just nine days. The period between January and March 2019 was not a bad one as the price variation was a small one at $0.96 and $1.08, which was reflective of the changes in the general crypto market.

McAfee vs. Twitter

In recent days, McAfee has been very vocal on Twitter, with the followers’ keen on the tweets. Its recent controversial tweet was then McAfee claimed that COVID-19 is a Chinese virus and thus cannot affect Africans. The controversies pushed McAfee to pull down the post.

The Tweet about taking photos during a lockdown is also controversial as that is incentivizing photography at a period when people need to be home. According to John McAfee, the images are to be taken when one is going to buy groceries and other essentials, and not necessarily going out to take the photos.

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