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Quantum Mining Offers Competitive Bitcoin Mining based on Award Winning Service

Bitcoin Press Release: Quantum Mining is offering secure, easily manageable mining contracts to cryptocurrency users from around the world. Their award winning options for miners offer easy withdrawals as well as compounding options. 

4th March 2020, Zurich. Quantum Mining, an award winning crypto mining company with physical mining farms based in Sweden is offering bitcoin mining contracts starting from $1,000 all the way up to $100,000. Quantum Mining prides itself on offering a real client-oriented service to the clients as well as its amazing efficiency and security of its mining operations. 

The Tech

Mining is only profitable if the tech behind it is sound and progressive. Quantum Mining’s award-winning mining algorithm is because of years of research on QuantumAlgo by its leading developers including Johnatan Gates, who is the lead developer of QuantumAlgo, and Vilgot Larsson who implemented the algorithm into Quantum Mining’s system. Founder Erik Johansson spent years collaborating with Gates over the useful QuantumAlgo program and eventually managed to get together a team to benefit from it. 

Quantum Mining does NOT mean actual Quantum Computing based mining. That technology is still years into the future. Quantum Mining uses a proprietary algorithm that handles all the mining operations extremely efficiently and securely. 

The Mining Hardware

The location and possession of mining hardware is extremely important for mining operations and their dependability. Quantum Mining owns a string of farms based in Sweden. These farms have the latest mining rigs installed and the capacity can be increased according to the number of mining contracts. 

Mining Contracts

Mining contracts on Quantum Mining last for 12 months and they can be understood by the users with ease. Starting from $1,000 and going all the way up to $100,000, these contracts offer fixed returns to the clients. So, if the Bitcoin price plummets, the mining hardware is adjusted accordingly to keep the returns stable to the end user. With a Quantum Mining Contract, clients can be free from the hassle of actual personal crypto mining which includes purchasing and installation of hardware, constant software updates and switching between mining pools as well deciding when or not to liquidate the assets. 

There are five packages that clients can choose from. Quantum Mining accepts crypto payments as well as fiat payments from various services including Mastercard, VISA as well as European banks and such. 

Payout and Withdrawals

There are two payout options available: daily withdrawal or monthly withdrawal. Using a daily withdrawal is useful for users who intend to utilize their withdrawals on a daily basis including using them for trading and liquidation purposes. 

The monthly payout plan has a 6-7% higher payout rate and is more useful for clients wishing to follow the HODL principles and hold on to their crypto assets. Clients can also choose to change their payout options as well. 

About Quantum Mining

Quantum Mining is a progressive cryptocurrency mining company with direct control of mining farms based in Sweden. It uses cutting-edge mining algorithms with AI-based approach to increase efficiency and reduce costs of the mining process. The company has been around since 2017 and has been offering mining contracts since 2019. 

Learn more about the Quantum Mining contracts : 

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Talha Dar

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