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Bitcoin Becoming Prominently Visible in Swiss Airports

Switzerland is adopting cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology really quickly. The level of open adoption from the Swiss people is visible from a number of factors including the very open crypto advertisements available on the airports themselves where people from all around the world disembark.

A cryptocurrency enthusiast posted a huge electronic billboard of Bitcoin Suisse, a licensed cryptocurrency financial services provider in the country. Bitcoin Suisse is one of scores of new crypto companies and blockchain projects being granted operating licenses in the country by the government. It is clear that the Swiss believe cryptocurrency in the next big thing and are eager to attract investments from all over the world regarding it.

While other countries are languishing in the pits of government regulation and whether or not to legalize or illegalize the sector, Swiss government along with a couple of others including Malta have taken the initiative and intend to attract valuable investment and set the industry standard for the rest of the world and even Europe itself to follow. Since Switzerland is a non-European Union member and independent from Financial Action Task Forces (FATFs), a group of global bodies working to undercut the wide usage of cryptocurrencies, it is experiencing a relatively smooth sailing towards crypto mainstreaming and adoption.

A few interesting Reddit threads are acknowledging the increasing presence of Bitcoin companies on Swiss airports including the largest one in Zurich. The threads were engaged by a range of comments from other Redditors including ones who acknowledged that cryptocurrencies were more in the public view than ever in their history. Others simply said they didn’t notice signboards while a few said they hadn’t noticed anything special relating to Bitcoin despite using that airport frequently. This mix of comments created quite a buzz on Reddit and left a mark. Not everybody agreed that it was an indication that Bitcoin was gaining ground in Switzerland but many did and that perhaps is the truth itself. Advertisement never reaches everybody but its good to be out and open and let the word of mouth and the lens do the rest of the work.

So, cryptocurrencies are being openly embraced by Switzerland. It is high time for the rest of the governments and civil sectors to step up and make use of the immense economic potential of the sector.

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Talha Dar

Talha Dar

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