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Tron Founder Justin Sun Dines with Warren Buffet

Investment billionaire Warren buffet has been one of the biggest critics of Bitcoin in recent times and the crypto community has also engaged in considerable backlash against him accusing him of protecting the current fiat financial system. Now, it seems that Buffet may be opening up to the idea as he was recently involved in a charity event that included some of the biggest crypto innovators including Charlie Lee, founder of Litecoin and even dined with Justin Sun, the founder of Tron network.

Sun actually won a charity auction on eBay to have lunch with Warren Buffet. He paid a whopping $4.5 million for this purpose and Warren subsequently kept his word even though he is known to have anti-crypto views. Lin and other crypto entrepreneurs believe that engaging the contemporary economists, influencers and investors is very important for the future of the sector as it will add legitimacy to it. This is also seen as a public stunt to increase institutionalized investment into the sector.

After a gap of a few weeks due to Buffet’s ailing health, Sun got to dine with the billionaire. Other cryptopreneurs during the charity lunch included Chris Lee, the head of the Binance Charity Foundation, Helen Hai, and the CEO of eToro, Yoni Assia and ofcourse, Charlie Lee, the Litecoin founder himself. Sun also extended an invitation to President Donald Trump because he had launched a scathing attack on cryptocurrencies earlier in 2019. It seems that he is bent on gathering as much crypto critics and try and explain it to them.

Sun said regarding Buffet:

It was really an honor and I’m grateful for Mr. Buffett’s dinner, wisdom, and vision. I’ll always remember his kindness and support, and will take Mr. Buffett’s advice and guidance to make Tron a better ecosystem, business with all the partners in the blockchain space and beyond.

While no details have yet emerged from the meeting itself, it is important to see that change in conventional institutions towards cryptocurrencies is not expected to happen overnight. Combined efforts of many of the crypto influencers is needed for this purpose. Some critics believe that wooing people like Buffet is not important for the blockchain sector as he is a scion of the current system. They very system that the blockchain sector is looking to dismantle. They believe Sun is doing meetings like these for the Tron network’s popularity alone.

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Talha Dar

Talha Dar

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