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Lancashire in collaboration with TIXnGO is selling tickets using the blockchain platform

Blockchain as a technology has been used in almost every industry, and ticketing has not been left behind. The Lancashire Cricket Club from the UK is using the platform to sell tickets for both domestic and international fixtures in 2020 at Emirates, Old Trafford.

The club is doing that in collaboration with TIXnGO, which is a mobile-based blockchain-powered platform. The platform was developed jointly with SecuTis, which is Lancashire’s ticketing service provider.

More Transparency

By using the platform, there will be more transparency hence it will be easy to avoid cases of fake tickets. By using the distributed ledger of the platform, it will be easy to track ticket distribution among supporters. According to Lancashire’s head of ticketing, the club is among the pioneers to embrace the blockchain platform for ticketing.

According to the head, Jonathon Nuttall, there are more and more people who are using mobile platforms to buy tickets. In 2019 alone, the percentage rose to 80% from 50% in 2018. It was, therefore, important for the company to invest in advancing mobile technology for more efficiency.

According to the head of SecuTix, blockchain has increased efficiency and helped to address many problems that ticketing companies face. TIXnGO makes sure that it creates a simple, unique, and encrypted ticket while eliminating the cases of counterfeits.

Blockchain adoption in sports

Blockchain has been aggressively embraced in sports lately. So far, the National Basketball Association’s Sacramento Kings is using a blockchain-based app for a live auction of its gears.

Luxury sports cars have also not been left behind. Lamborghini has embraced the platform to securely trace, authenticate, and certify its cars.

Chiliz, a blockchain-based startup in Malta, is using blockchain to start a cryptocurrency exchange strictly for sports and entertainment tokens.

Blockchain adoption in ticketing and events

Lancashire is not the only one using the technology for ticketing. There are currently many startups that are using the technology for ticketing such as Live Nation and StubHub. Ticketing will always be in demand as there are always events taking place. Blockchain may be the solution to problems facing the ticketing industry such as fake tickets, lack of transparency, and lack of efficiency in reselling. The best part about the technology is that it makes it possible to encrypt the tickets such that they come with resale terms, and it is hard to fake them.

Image by Lisa scott from Pixabay



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