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Dfinity may revolutionize social media with its blockchain-based cloud computing platform

As much as there have been so many radical changes in the technological space, not much has been done in regards to cloud computing and social media, and that is where Dfinity comes in.

Many cloud computing giants have been enjoying monopoly such as Microsoft but the scene is changing fast, all thanks to Blockchain. Dfinity is disrupting the cloud computing space by making it decentralized such that all cloud services are on different independent systems.

Social Media disruption

Dfinity may be the path to a decentralized social media. Currently, it has launched LinkedUp which is an alternative to LinkedIn only that it is not centralized and is not governed by a corporate entity.

LinkedUp, just like many blockchain projects, is an open-source meaning that any developer can do modifications and contributions to it. The software has been built on a blockchain internet protocol dubbed ‘The Internet Computer’, and thus any changes made by a developer will be available for anyone interested to view.

With other social media platforms such as Facebook that do not have much transparency, it is hard to know how data is processed, how the feed is generated, and how safe the data is. With open internet, however, you can get real-time updates of the platform and all the relevant details including how the system works. The open internet makes it possible for users to have a deeper understanding of how algorithms work and how different feeds are generated.

According to the founder Dominic Williams, since people have access to the code, they can easily fight monopoly in the internet infrastructure.

Investor interest

The idea has spurred the interest of many potential investors. So far, the company has raised a total of $190 million from three main investors who are Andreessen Horowitz, Polychain Capital, and Multicoin Capital.

With the rise of LinkedUp, there are high chances that other software like Facebook and WhatsApp will also get alternatives from the open internet.

So far, the company has released a software development kit so that developers can build apps using the platform. The official launch of ‘The Internet Computer” is expected later in the year.

The trend of using Blockchain for an open internet is a trend that is likely to change the airwaves. The best part about using blockchain technology is its decentralized open system and transparency. Many consumers are currently concerned about data privacy and that is how the open-internet will win hearts.

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