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Elon Musk Just Sent a Cryptic Bitcoin Tweet

Elon Musk is as eccentric as he is rich and influential. The billionaire innovator and CEO of Tesla Motors is also known for his particular brand of humour that involves subtle cryptic messaging. For example, the first four Tesla production models combine to form the the initials S3XY which is just one of the best jokes the car or even the tech industry has ever come up with. Recently, Musk has upped his Bitcoin game and has tweeted a cryptic tweet that has largely been seen as pro-Bitcoin by commentators and started a tweet storm. While it has been a few days since the tweet came out, the discussion around the meaning of the tweet continues.

This is the tweet itself:


So, basically Musk announced that Bitcoin was not his safe word. Safe word is a term used for a code word that one sex partner uses to convey his/her sexual leanings to their partner(s) while keeping everything in an unambiguous manner. So, Musk was obviously joking while at the same time dropping a real hint that he actually liked the cryptocurrency itself.

Musk has previously done some eccentric acts as well. During a podcast a few years ago, Musk smoked weed during his live show and then admitted about it. He has also unleashed a tweet storm against Thai cave rescuers who were trying to rescue trapped children inside, all the while insisting that robots were the only answer to the crisis. Eventually, the rescuers did their job and Musk didn’t come off all too well in that episode.

But, right or wrong, Musk knows how to create excitement and buzz through his sheer personality traits. This time, he was able to generate quite a lot of buzz around the project. The timing couldn’t have been better as Bitcoin was on its way to gain more than 15% in a single day. Many Bitcoin promoters, podcasters, and other influencers used this opportunity to reach out to Musk himself and invite him to their shows as well as engaging in some really good banter. Viewers can see the entire Twitter thread and is likely to remain in focus in the coming days. Perhaps there is more to the story as well as Musk we all know is a drama queen and there is always something cooking in his crazy brain of his.

Image source: Jurvetson

Talha Dar

Talha Dar

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