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Artificial Intelligence (AI) Driven Cryptocurrency Trading

Technology is continuously evolving. Things that were trending and new a couple of years back are now obsolete, and developers of technological devices and programs need to keep up with the upgrades. This issue is also a familiar one for the cryptocurrency market.

The growth and expansion of cryptocurrencies have become too much for human capabilities, making it hard to secure the traders a regulated market. Therefore, the managers of the companies that work with blockchain mining, and the cryptocurrency market in general, decided to add a new and successful tool to make transactions faster and better: the A.I.

A.I. on the network

The use of artificial intelligence today is more common than it was a few years back. Many e-commerces are testing these exciting tools and seeing its benefits applied to their online stores. It simplifies and helps with some of the most tedious jobs, like sending personalized messages to the leads and frequent customers.

Not all the bots are programmed to do the same job. You can have many different bots for different tasks. You can have a personalized chatbot to help new customers through the store, offering discounts related to what they are looking for. Some bots keep count of how many customers you had in a day or a week and acquire the personal data and e-mails of possible leads.

You can find many bot creators on the web, some are free, and others are more personalized that you need to pay a fee monthly. It is an exciting tool for businesses on the network, and it is also very safe.

Why is artificial intelligence important for the cryptocurrency market?

The human factor is an essential risk inside the online business. Hackers can procure crucial information that can compromise a person’s bank account or other vital assets. As a cryptocurrency trader, you worry about those on the other side of the screen, sometimes having to trust blindly that the unknown person won’t try to steal from you.

Sometimes, it is not the act of a hacker, but the mislead action of a non-attentive employee. Humans make mistakes, and with the high number of transactions done daily, it is even expected that a human could not detect a problem in one of them. Of course, it doesn’t mean that people should accept it.

The incorporation of artificial intelligence inside the cryptocurrency market allows the traders to feel more secure about the transactions they are making. The bots work faster than humans, and with the correct program, they can detect problems before it becomes dangerous for the traders.

Benefits of A.I. in cryptocurrencies

– Avoids unauthorized mining: The bots can be programmed to detect whenever a malicious user intends to increase its chances to be selected during blockchain rewarding. That way, the process stays fair with all the users that are working hard to mine the cryptocurrency.

– They can stop different types of hacks: The developers of artificial intelligence are aware of the quick evolve of technology, and work very hard to solve the possible loopholes and leaks that hackers could use for their benefit. It means that the bots change the same time as the technology does, minimizing the risks, and detecting the anomalies that a blockchain may present, indicating the attempt of a hacker.

– Safety for the crypto wallets: The artificial intelligence can help create more intricated codes to keep secure the cryptocurrency inside the digital wallets. At the same time, it can notify whenever a hacker is trying to break through the system to steal from the selected portfolio.

– More accurate predictions: Bots are not only essential for the security of the digital accounts and the transactions. They can also help traders to understand better the possibilities for more significant investments. The artificial intelligence can take and process data from past events and the consequences of such events inside the cryptocurrency market. It can also give you predictions of how the cryptocurrencies will react in the next months.

– Automatization of the process: With the addition of artificial intelligence on the cryptocurrency market, traders and investors have access to a useful tool that will make the process lighter. They can receive notifications whenever the market changes, with recommendations of when it is better to invest, buy, or sell within seconds. This feature saves time, which is very important, especially when dealing with a volatile market like the cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency trading with A.I.

The addition of bots in the cryptocurrency market helps to create a more reliable system with a still very new investment machine. Cryptocurrencies have yet to face many issues before becoming a definite asset, and stable companies are accepting one of them. It is a volatile market with a changing regulation that prevents the traders from being sure what is the correct price of the digital coin between hours or days.

Artificial intelligence provides safety around the subject and also helps to facilitate the process of investment. It lowers the risk with the predictions on the future market and how it is going to react, and at the same time, it keeps hackers and other dangerous elements far away from the investors. This tool makes the job easier for traders, reducing the stress of constant investigation and losing hours trying to keep their attention on the screen of their computers and mobile devices to see the changes on the market.


The artificial intelligence is a necessary tool for every business online. It is useful to reduce risks and mistakes made by the human hand. For cryptocurrency trading, it provides excellent predictions for the changes in the digital coin, reducing the additional and tedious work for traders and investors.

It also prevents hacking, keeping the personal wallets and the blockchain companies protected. Transactions are safer and reliable, and traders can buy and sell their cryptocurrencies, knowing that they will end on the correct place. The risks are reduced, making the cryptocurrency market more attractive for the new investors that are willing to try it.



Image by Oleg Gamulinskiy from Pixabay

John McEnroe

John McEnroe

“Those who believe in Bitcoin also believe in cleverness." – Arif Naseem


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“Those who believe in Bitcoin also believe in cleverness." – Arif Naseem

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