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Cryptocurrencies and Gamification – All you need to know

Cryptocurrency, opposed to the way usual currency works, comes as a reward. You have to “mine” through the blockchains until you find the correct number of codes that reward you with a chunk that is worth a specific amount of digital coins.

There are different ways to mine. For some, you only need to have a certain number of computer systems working continuously. Still, it needs to have a good internet connection and no electrical problems that could shut down the machines. A more accessible way to get those different chunks of cryptocurrency is through game-like activities.

What is gamification?

Gamification is when a person or a company applies game characteristics to a non-ludic activity to improve the productivity of it. It is frequently used to motivate the employees to do an activity that is not fun to do. With the gamification of these activities, people are more interested in doing them.

When a tedious activity is turned around to make it look like a game, it has many varied reactions for different individuals. It helps to create teamwork, to relax the work environment, and people enjoy doing something entertaining that doesn’t feel like a job. The most critical part of using gamification in these activities is the feeling of getting a reward for doing it. It is no longer a salary that you win monthly no matter how you do the job as long as you do it. Instead, you can compete and win a special price if you do that activity. People are competitive and feels motivated by the promise of a reward.

You can find this technique in the marketing area, where employers offer a pr for the employee that gets more sells in a week. You can especially see it in kindergarten, schools, and even houses, where kids are more interested in doing activities that look like a game and win a gold star if they do it right.

Cryptocurrencies and gamification: how are they related?

As mentioned before, mining is a slow process. You would need to search hundreds of codes to find the correct chain that unlocks the small piece of cryptocurrency. It means that you need to spend long hours in front of the computer, only focused on checking and breaking the code. It is a slow and tedious job.

Seeing this problem, some game companies have associated with the blockchain industry and have developed exciting games that make mining a whole different experience. Instead of watching a screen for hours and clicking over and over on the codes, you can access to games that will pay you in real money that you can use on your daily basis.

The cryptocurrency companies are taking advantage of this technique, creating websites that offer free cryptocoins if people do specific tasks. It becomes a game, and people won’t say no to gifts. That way, the companies get hundreds of people helping them mine as a game, and they get great benefits from it, rewarding their players.

Mining through gamification

Here are some of the most popular apps where you can mine cryptocurrency through challenges and games.

– Eristica: This app works similarly like the YouTube and vines platforms. The objective of the app is to send and receive video challenges between other players around the world. People can place bets for these challenges, and they can be rewarded with cryptocurrency whether they win the bet or make a correct prediction about the different challenges presented.

The platform works with its particular cryptocurrency toke known as ERT. It is trendy in eastern countries like India and Singapore. It was created in the year 2015, and the number of users increases every month. Developers are working on a 4.0 version, and it will offer more features to secure the tokens you win. There is not a release date yet, but representants of the company declared they would be working as fast as they can to deliver a great product.

– CryptoKitty: Games of breeding small and cute animals come from many years ago, one of the most popular being the Tamagochi digital pets. In this game, you can breed and trade kitties between other players, and the better you raise your kitty, the more it is going to be worth. The cryptocurrency used for this app is the Etherum, and it increased the number of transactions of this cryptocurrency since the game was launched in December 2018.

The game is addictive, becoming a tendency from the moment it reached the market. Developers have raised a lot of income, more than $12 million, and they are using it to improve it and make it better for the gamers and the cryptocurrency traders.

Bits Farm: Like breeding animals, the games of growing your crops and taking care of a farm are viral. You can find many apps and games for mobile devices and pc related to this activity. A Bitcoin company saw this, and it developed this addictive game. Besides taking care of the crops and animals of your farm, you can also steal from other users, and at the same time, you must protect your farm from other thieves.

It is still developing, but the future features, like chat and localization, will bring a lot more to the table, making it more popular than it is now.


Gamification is an excellent strategy for getting the attention of this new generation of teens and young adults. It is the generation of consoles and pc games, not to mention that with the evolve of smartphones, you can play many different apps wherever you go.

The cryptocurrencies companies took an exciting step when they choose to use games and challenges as a way to mine and get chains, which allows them to obtain more cryptocurrency. Anyone can join and start working for these companies, winning small prices and gifts by playing on their phones and computers. The players win, and so do the companies.


Image by Alexey Hulsov from Pixabay

John McEnroe

John McEnroe

“Those who believe in Bitcoin also believe in cleverness." – Arif Naseem


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“Those who believe in Bitcoin also believe in cleverness." – Arif Naseem

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