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Opportunity on cryptocurrency and investigation using gamification

Gaming has been mostly associated with evil things such as gambling but it looks like there is more can be done for more value. Gaming has been used by the crypto world to track down criminals.

Cryptocurrency tracing game

The European law enforcement agency Europol has developed a game to train its officers on how to tackle crypto-currency related crimes. In its sixth cryptocurrency conference at its headquarters, Europol  indicated that the game was to be launched in its cybercrime conference. The game will be dubbed ‘cryptocurrency-tracing serious game’.

Upon mastering the game, the trainees can use it to track and trace cryptocurrency crimes. Criminal cryptocurrency investigations will be much easier.

Developers of the game

The developers of the game are a collaboration between Europol and the CENTRIC (Centre of Excellence in Terrorism, Resilience, Intelligence, and Organized Crime Research. They developed the game to give a virtual experience in dealing with cryptocurrency crime investigations.

Using gaming in tacking cryptocurrency crime is fun but sometimes may prove to be invaluable when real-life scenarios and challenges are on the table when it comes to the cryptocurrency industry such as laundering, phishing, theft, and cryptocurrency washing among many other challenges that are faced by the industry.

When it comes to real-life applications, trying to trace cryptocurrency that has been obtained illegally may not be the easiest. As much as the blockchain is an open ledger and all transactions are recorded in the ledger, tracing the source and the destiny of the coins may be difficult as the coins will be mixed up and can even be converted to other types of cryptocurrency. That makes it hard to track the flow of criminal activity.

Law enforcement agencies in different areas have taken the matter into their hands and cryptocurrency-related crimes are taken seriously. Money laundering is not something that is taken kindly anywhere. For example, the closure of the Wall street market is a good indicator of how there is a serious fight on crypto-related crime. This has been a great lesson for those who are doing law enforcement to tackle cryptocurrency crime. The closure of the Dark web marketplace also speaks volumes.

Europol is not the first agency to use gaming in an attempt to deal with cryptocurrency crimes. Interpol has also developed a simulation training game to study cryptocurrency crime. In addition to the game, it also has its inhouse cryptocurrency for investigating standard cryptocurrencies.



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