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IBM and VetBloom: Credentials for The Animal Care Industry

Blockchain technology continues evolving and adapting to the world. It already proved its efficiency with administration and economization. However, it’s now moving towards the animal care industry, with IBM and VetBloom joining forces.

The promise is to make animal care more efficient. It aims to offer a solid framework for medical education based in competency. It goes all the way to handing digital badges as credentials.

What does this mean? Read on and find out!

The IBM – VetBloom alliance

The learning credentials will go into the IBM blockchain. By doing so, it’ll create a verifiable record of all the skill certifications.

The idea is for job applicants to have an easier time connecting with their future employers, and the latter will have the ability to verify the skills necessary among the applicants. The result is a more efficient hiring process, ensuring better results as well.

So far, the collaborators list includes:

  • Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges.
  • American Animal Hospital Association.
  • International Council for Veterinary Assessment.

The global leader in IBM regarding blockchain credentialing (Alex Kaplan) explained that IBM expects significant potential in the system. This credential blockchain approach would be the best support for learning based on competency. He further stated that the objective was to keep the cooperation throughout 2020.

What is VetBloom?

VetBloom is an online platform for both collaboration and education. Its aim is to help veterinarians and entire teams with learning and strengthening their education and experience.

While keeping a fun process, this platform lets entire teams learn in a comfortable pace depending on their convenience.

There’s a complete ecosystem in VetBloom with resources: from course materials from professional veterinarians, all the way to social spaces for discussing experience, cases, and even practices.

What does this mean for animal care?

The main objective behind this alliance is to make the entire veterinary market more competitive and efficient.

Basically, all credentials and titles earned by the professionals will go into the blockchain. They then go to make up a full database containing workers with experience in different fields related to animal care.

The consequences are a much easier way for employers to access the relevant credentials for all job applicants. As for applications, aspirants will have the opportunity to show verifiable proof of their experience, knowledge, and proficiency.

With the many associations showing interest in this program, it’s easy to see how next year could represent an important change in the animal care industry.

A growing blockchain trend from IBM

August also marked a partnership between IBM and Chainyard. It was the birth of the “Trust Your Supplier” network, aiming to improve management for supply chains.

The network offers digital passports containing the supplier’s identity, and this allows any supplier to share information freely with its clients.

It reduces both time and costs regarding managing and validating suppliers, and it creates new opportunities for both suppliers and buyers.

Overall, IBM has embraced blockchain technology and aimed it towards noticeable improvements in several fields.

Image by J C from Pixabay

John McEnroe

John McEnroe

“Those who believe in Bitcoin also believe in cleverness." – Arif Naseem


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“Those who believe in Bitcoin also believe in cleverness." – Arif Naseem

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