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Hugh Brian Haney – Silk Road Seller Pleads Guilty to Money Laundering $19 Million With Bitcoin.

The Department of United States of Justice exposed that the solicitor from the Southern District of New York had reported a plea to manage Hugh Brian Haney.

In the year of 2017 and 2018, Haney sent his Bitcoin from a location linked in to Silk Road to an account he had with a cryptocurrency exchange.

Why it makes a difference: A 61-year-old man from Ohio pled for the current week to tax laundering charges originating from his interest in moving drug on the dark web marketplace. He guaranteed he obtain the Bitcoins from mining and exchanges; however, the police didn’t purchase it. The month of April, a judge belongs to Canadian confiscated 1.4 million dollars in Bitcoin through a dark web drug seller.

A former drug dealer pleaded embarrassed to charges that he laundered $19 million in benefit through Bitcoin.

As indicated by a public statement, Haney was blamed for laundering around $20 million via bitcoin in mid-2018.

Silk Road was amongst the dark web’s most punctual narcotics marketplaces and a safe house for its bitcoin- accommodating sellers until its administrator, Ross Ulbricht, was under arrest in 2013 in October and the website was closed down. Ulbricht is at present serving lifelong incarceration on charges of drug supply, PC hacking, and conspiracy.

Haney was one of the merchants who used the commercial centre. As indicated by the investigator, Haney was a “high-positioning part” of a drug-dealing recognized as Pharmville, and is stated to have acquired about 4,000 bitcoin from Silk Road-connected records through 2012 in February. As indicated by the protest, he deals in fentanyl, oxycontin, and other drug deals.

 The Silk Road used as a marketplace to run narcotics business to sell to individuals everywhere throughout the world by Hugh Haney,” U.S. Lawyer Geoffrey S. Berman stated in an announcement. “At that point, he laundered around $19 million in benefits via digital currency.

At first, Haney states his bitcoin introduced from a mining operation. Yet specialists used “blockchain analysis software” to demonstrate the assets presented from Silk Road, as per the July complaint.

He was trapped right after selling his remaining bitcoins on a trade for $19,147,053 in 2018 in both months, January and February. The anonymous organization froze his account and started an internal investigation that eventually prompted a court order. Haney was jailed in July 2019.
Image by Konevi from Pixabay

Alizeh Rangoonwala

Alizeh Rangoonwala

Alizeh Rangoonwala is a Computer Scientist, writer, and cryptographer known for her research in the digital world. Graduated from the Iqra University with a degree in Computer Science.


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