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Telegram token under lawsuit TON / GRAM

Telegram is a messaging platform that is getting more popular currently. It can be used as an app on the mobile or through your desktop. It counts with many exciting features, and it’s recently entering in the world of cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrencies are digital coins that can be mined using a blockchain system and have proved to be the most excellent option for a stable global economy.

Telegram and Cryptocurrencies: a parallel line

One of the features that separate Telegram from other messaging platforms is how much they worry about protecting their customers’ privacy. Users’ information stays concealed from others through different encryption systems and features.

Even though you must give your phone number and other personal data when you sign up, you can contact  others using Telegram without sharing personal information. You can have secret chats with another person, using end-to-end encryption. Everything you share stays confidential between you two.

The Telegram app has also added a new feature, where you will receive a notification with a warning whenever you could be a victim of a con. The notification comes with the name of the malicious contact.

Privacy is essential for those who work with any cryptocurrency. Digital transactions have more risks to be hacked, so it is crucial to have every tool that can add security to your crypto-wallet.

They’re actually closer than you think

From some time now, Telegram has been working on the creation and launch of its cryptocurrency, known as Grams. The project has been under the table, as the creator of Telegram has been preparing the field for years.

Telegram also counts with legal mining bots. The way to work with mining bots can be visiting links or joining telegram groups and channels. You don’t need to invest money to have access to them, but you must make sure it is a legit Telegram mining bot.

Now, Telegram releases its crypto-wallet trial

In 2017, Telegram started the development of TON (Telegram Open Network), a platform focused on block mining, which was tested in April 2019. According to  information from the testers, the speed of the transactions is high.

On September 2019, Telegram launched its crypto-wallet trial for Grams. This trial version is compatible with MacOS, Windows, and Linux 64-bit, and it gives a taste of what will be the full version of the platform once it is released. You can download it from Telegram’s website, and obtain the keys through the TON’s key generator.

On this trial version, you can see how fast is the transaction using a Telegram bot. It takes only a few minutes to send and receive from 5 to 20 tokens or Grams.

But wait… What about the lawsuit?

Unfortunately, the release of the full version that was scheduled for October 31st had to be changed. This change was due to a lawsuit that Telegram is facing in the hands of the SEC (Security and Exchange Commission of the US). According to the SEC, Telegram didn’t register the Grams, making it an illegal token.

However, Telegram keeps moving forward with its ambitious project, postponing the release for April 2020 while the company solves the accusations. Investors that have already purchased tokens are waiting patiently. The crypto community are eager to find more about this platform that could change the future of cryptocurrencies.

John McEnroe

John McEnroe

“Those who believe in Bitcoin also believe in cleverness." – Arif Naseem


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“Those who believe in Bitcoin also believe in cleverness." – Arif Naseem

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